Best Black Friday Deal for Digital Marketers

Getting ready for Black Friday? All of us know, November 25 will be that perfect night to snag some great bargains before Christmas.

SerpstatAll-in-one platform for SEO specialists, marketers, bloggers and pretty much anyone involved in digital marketing also has some good news.

An incredible 50% discount on all tariffs will be valid for the whole November 25 starting at 12:01 AM (New York time)!

Why Serpstat

Serpstat, a leading provider of search analytics data located in Eastern Europe, is now expanding to the Western world at a steady pace. It started by taking #1 position in tech category on ProductHunt.

First became popular as a keyword research and competitor analysis tool, Serpstat has been growing and improving constantly by adding new features and increasing its databases. On August 2016, the company evolved from a keyword research tool into an all-in-one SEO platform, eliminating the need for marketers to purchase separate tools for their usual tasks.

Features of Serpstat

As of November 2016, Serpstat includes five tools:

  • Rank Tracker

  1. Track all top 100 search results for a keyword and gain insight into exact positions of all top 100 domains for a keyword.
  2. Analyze competition across particular items or services, instead of tracking and researching the top 100 search results for all your keywords
  3. Record not only improvements in SEO rankings but  also rises or falls in a domain’s visibility
  4. See not only the domain’s market share but also the changes in the market share, which gives you an ability to monitor competition and research the market niche.
  5. Track your state, city or even postcode area.
  • Backlink Analysis

  1. Get a detailed backlink analysis report.
  2. See data of 2 years on all changes that happen to a domain’s link profile: referring domains and pages, anchors and more.
  3. Keep track of your competitors’ backlink strategies.
  4. Check Serpstat’s Trust Rank and Page Rank to find out what domains will serve as a source of quality backlinks.
  5. Find pages that attract the most links.
  • Keyword Research

  1. Conduct a deep competitive analysis that will help you find competitors and define missing keywords for a single URL.
  2. Research niche questions and find ideas for creating traffic-driving content.
  3. Use unique Tree-view algorithm to check your page’s positions, improve the ones that are just from the first page and gain more traffic.
  4. Discover all search terms and phrases that are semantically connected to the queried keyword.
  • Site Audit

  1. Use Serpstat’s unique Domain Optimization (SDO) score to see how well your website is optimized and compare the quality of your site’s optimization to your competitors.
  2. Find missing H1, check your site for any Access and Indexation issues.
  • Competitor Analysis

  1. Get the complete list of websites and pages in organic and paid search that rank for the keywords in the same niche.
  2. Find pages with the best visibility in your niche and use their tactics to improve your website.
  3. Follow the visibility and keyword trends.
  4. Find keywords that your competitors are losing grasp on and use the opportunity to take their place in SERP.

Special Price

Normally price starts at $15.2 per month if you purchase an annual subscription. $15.2 for a tool that does backlinks, audit, keyword research, competitor analysis and rank tracking. Can that be cheaper? The answer is yes!

A special promo code trickyenough_serpstat gives you 50% discount on all tariffs. That means you can get 5 tools that are essential to everyone working with SEO for as little as 8 dollars.  

A deal you can’t pass by starts from 12.01 AM on November 25 (New York time) and will last for the whole day.

So, Grab this opportunity and make your SEO more perfect for increasing traffic to your website or blog.

Robin Khokhar

I do web development and SEO. But when I get time, I do write and share tips and tricks about marketing and technology.

2 thoughts on “Best Black Friday Deal for Digital Marketers

  1. Hey Robin,

    Serpstat is really great for keyword research and competitor analysis tool. It has been growing and improving constantly by adding new features and increasing its databases. It is really amazing tool and main part is that well featured and comes in cheap price. Eventually, thanks for sharing additional information regarding this tool.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

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