The ULTIMATE Guide To Using Parasites For SEO and More

Let’s go back to basics here, so what is a “Parasite”? Simply put, parasites are high ranking, high authority websites in which Google deems trustworthy and they give a lot of LOVE Juice too.

We will talk about them in terms of SEO, and the methods outlined here, we are referring to making an interior page on one of these super high authority sites then ranking for it, it then has a link which leads back straight to your money site, direct offers or landing pages.

Here are a few examples of the widely known parasites SEO’s might use:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • HQ News Sites (Medium, Diigo, Google Products)
  • Amazon Product Pages (excellent!)
  • HQ Forums (posts/threads)
  • Yahoo Answers

This is just a handful of the most used and common parasites, looking for a site with high authority — with solid metrics all round and which will allow you to create some content on it! There are heaps of these parasites though; it’s just a matter of searching. Here I have compiled a large list of parasites down below for you.

TIPS: Checking out the highly spammed big money niches you will find heaps of parasites hiding in plain daylight, Alexa top sites, common sense really if it’s a well-placed site in Alexa you can guarantee Google gives it love.

WHY USE PARASITES? What are the pros here? Why should I be taking advantage of these little gems!? There’s nothing complicated about it. It’s simple really. These pages are loved by big “G”. Google “sucks” the sweat off the testicles of these sites. In the eyes of Google, these sites are only cranking out the highest quality content, the content people are looking for and want to read, the content people link to and spread virally like the ebola, or swine flu hoaxes in the media.

Can you say VIRAL EFFECT?

Websites like these tend to be years old, rank very high in PR and metrics. They will have hundreds or thousands if not millions of links already pointing to them, for these sites having thousands of inbound links is nothing out of the ordinary. Pages on these sites can and will take a hammering of links thus ranking very quickly. Sometimes it only takes a couple of days to rank these babies. I kid you not! This is simple impossible with normal websites in such a short time frame.

Forget the rule book here too, it’s out the window! The normal SEO rules do not apply here. These babies can take a firing squad of inbound link, where in most cases normal websites would set up red flags. Sites like these are already online and thriving and best of all free to use. The only cost here is your time invested in your SEO efforts and generating content assuming you are using content based parasites like we will be discussing below.


Time to make some cheddar! Now we are aware of what parasites are and why you should be milking them. We will be discussing one approach that I’ve been using. I will not go into details about which specific niche because this is one I am still playing with. I will however provide you with screen shots with my rankings and be as upfront as possible while still keeping my dirty little secrets and sensitive private data. We will talk about my campaigns and give you some pieces to the puzzle. I will not spoon feed you though.

With countless ways to approach using parasites to your advantage, some reading this know what I am talking about and are already banking hard with these methods. This method I will outline is in my opinion the most common used method by us parasite junkies.


Naturally, you will need a domain (I will explain below). Just go on to your favorite registrar and grab one up. Just make sure the domain name has relevance to the actual products or offers you want to promote.

This conclusion came from a good friend of mine Grant McArthur : Another reason for this is we want the domain name to pass any checks these parasites may put it through. A stupid domain name will naturally flag a moderator or reviewer. You certainly want to keep things as professional as possible.


How to get a perfect domain?


Content is king and you will want to have grade A highest quality content. SHITTY contents will not fly; you might as well piss against the wind. Personally I use freelance websites like Iwriter when I need content of this caliber; you will need an article around 700 to 800 words in length.


You will need a product/offer to promote. For the example below we will be targeting the Forex niche, this offer is a CPA offer. Links: You’re going to need links and shit loads of them, fire up those SEO tools or pay someone for link building. We’ll go into more details on the link building later.


HERE! The site I will be using today is actually a forum, and it’s one of the largest forums and content farms on the web and I’m sure a lot of you have heard of it “”


There’s method in the madness! We have all the pieces of the puzzle now it’s time to put them together. The aim here is to get an article/thread live on (or your own Parasite selection (see my list at the bottom of the book), this is simple enough to do, you sign up and post a thread, topix will have a subsection for almost every niche you can imagine, I went with the finance sub forum. Now be aware just because it is easy to get a thread live does not mean it will stick, read on.

Product review, affiliate looking posts etc are not going to fly for long from my findings they will be ousted and deleted by moderators, for example the niche I’m targeting is a “Forex” based niche and the product is a sort of Forex bot which supposedly makes trading easier, this is where the quality article comes into play, a well written high quality thread/article on your niche will last much longer and fly under the radar.

What I did here was I instructed the copywriter to write me up an in-depth article on Forex trading, an analysis article with a hint of reviewing in there, I gave him the main keyword instructing him to slip it into the article as much as he could but of course looking natural within the article, I also gave him several secondary keywords instructing him to fit them in if he can.

So I got back a professionally written article which the guys at topix should have no issues with, the article appears to be talking about the current Forex markets and day to day trading, within the article my keyword is stuffed in there a few times in a subtle way. The thing about topix is you cannot use an anchor text; you are using the blank URL.

This is why I bought a decent looking domain name; affiliate links will get your post deleted. So for now I redirect the domain to an authority site in the forex niche, this way it looks legit and as if it’s an actual reference to a point in my article, I will come back to this then later. So once your article is live let it mature for a day or two, it’s time to build some links.

Now comes the fun part! This is the sheer beautiful part of parasites The link building As I mentioned earlier these babies can take a hammering and that’s what we’re going to give them. The aim here is to create a “Viral Effect” in the eyes of Google, these parasite sites like have content going Viral naturally EVERY single day, this is nothing new to Google for these sites. So we want to mimic this effect artificially. I start off with a social links campaign Again the Viral Effect: If something is worth reading, worth sharing and gaining traction it will naturally start to be shared all over social networks, so you want to create this effect, I fire an onslaught of social signals from fb posts/likes/shares, tweets and re-tweets, Pinterest pins/re-pins. These are the ones I use as I feel they are the only relevant ones to the mass public and would be shared naturally.

Next comes actual link building: I run a campaign over 10 days consisting of flat out SPAM! Think multiple copies of GSA and ZennoPoster on hyper-drive, a URL shortner and 301’s, backed up with lower level tier 2 links in their 10’s of 1000’s. I try my best to stick with the contextual platforms. All in all I’m building a total of around 10k tier 1 links (majority contextual) with around 6k of those being unique domains over the 10 days, then I have 10’s of 1000’s of lower level tier 2 links (wikis, bookmarks, blog comments etc) to super charge these.

Velocity: Again the rule book doesn’t apply much in terms of velocity either as this shit is going VIRAL, I tend to keep my velocity somewhat consistent though at around 1k-1.5k links per day, as I said tier 1 contextual links will work best for you. Anchor diversity and %’s are not important here either (sweet right?), as I keep saying forget the rule book it’s out the window. I tend to keep around 40% of the links to my actual main keyword, 50% then goes on my secondary keywords and the remaining 10% is generic “click here” etc and blank URL’s of the article. This will usually be more than enough to push most keywords onto the first or second page in around 25–30 days max, I’ll give it 5 days after the blast has completed at the very most.


Time to bring home the bacon.. As soon as your post hits page 1 on Google it’s time to redirect your domain you bought to your landing/offer page, by this time it’s unlikely topix will be rechecking your post to see if the domain redirects, only thing you need to worry about now is competitors in your niche reporting you when they get jelly of you dominating their niche in a matter of days. I simply directed the domain to the products landing page with my affiliate ID attached, then I sat back and watched the sign-ups begin to fly in. Just so you know there are countless good parasites out there to choose from, my theory before doing this though was simple.

Topix is a beast, it’s busting at the seams with authority and content so what’s better a target to use? This is why Parasites are so lucrative and I guess why people don’t share much on them here, it’s like an all out war and the normal rules do not apply, once you have put all the pieces together you go into battle with an all out assault of links! I’ve obviously left out some of my private details here, in time and through practice you will learn more efficient link structures and rank even quicker, then it’s time to look at automating the whole process, I’ve given you an outline here. Now get out there and make it rain!

This is honestly one of the easiest ways going to rank for big $$$$ keywords quickly, when it burns you simply rinse and repeat.

Darleen Prangue

Freelance Digital Marketing Strategy Consultant with a focus on SEO. I love writing tech related stuff while I drink my first coffee at 5 am. You can follow me on my blog and many other blogs where I share my thoughts.

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