My name is Robin Khokhar. I was working in an IT company as an Internet marketing expert (SEO). But gave up my job to start my own little work of web development and SEO. And I started this blog to share some tips and tricks about the internet marketing and other technical tricks.

What I Do except Internet marketing:

There are lots of thinks which I do. I like traveling in my free time or make my schedule travel to different places. The outdoor games that I like Playing are Cricket and Football, but I often play Cricket on Sundays. And there are many indoor games that I play on my laptop and Andriod phone, but Cricket is the game which I surely play on my phone and laptop too.

Other Interest:

I like Reading blogs of others websites too like searchenginelnd.com and Moz.com. I also like trying different operating systems on my computer. Although I use Windows 8.1, but I like Linux operating system because of its fast speed and Plug and Play feature.

Why I Started Blogging:

The reason I started blogging because I want to share my experience of internet marketing with all. I have many friends of mine who do web development, and I do take their help in web development, and in return, I help them with internet marketing. You will even read the some of the posts are from my friends. But if you have any questions, you can use the contact us form. I will personally answer all your emails.

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