A Complete guide to Learn SEO

This article will help you learn the proper SEO in less time.

We update our content regularly so that you do not fall behind others in the field of SEO.

So,let’s learn search engine optimization from basic to advance.

(In other words: you don’t need to worry about reading out of date stuff.)

Let’s take a deep dive into the SEO.

How to Learn SEO in 2021

Why Learn SEO?

SEO started a long ago and still going on.

I started learning SEO a little late but slowly learned and still leanring.

It was hard and somtimes it still gets hard.

SEO helped me to get ranking for my clients as well for my own websites.

You can do the same.

Learning SEO means learning the ways of the Google, like “in Star Wars:The ways of the Force”

If you want to become an expert in the Ways of Google, Keep reading and Learn the ways.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization.

If You have a website, in order to get traffic to your website you need to follow the rules and regualtions set by Google or search engines. Which leads to the term SEO.

In simple words, SEO is the efforts one make to get Organic traffic from search egnines to their webiste.

Learn SEO

Across the globe, internet adoption has been steadily increasing over the years. In 2021, there are currently 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide. The Google Search Engine alone is servicing ~3.5 billion searches daily. This means that no matter what you do, there are people who are searching for your products and services online. To be more precise, ~93% of all online experiences are usually initiated by using search engines. Tgr

Toys, gaming consoles, smartphones, smartphone cases, disposable face masks, are just a few examples of trending searches in 2021. But even though there are billions of web searches daily, 90.88% of the pages receive no organic search traffic from Google.

So how do you join the top 9% and start getting free and consistent traffic from Google?

This article’s main focus is to help you understand the basics of search engine optimization (SEO) so that you can learn how to attract free traffic from the world’s largest search engines. Even if you have no idea what SEO is, this article helps you learn SEO basics and you will have very clear and easy action items that you can implement on your website off the bat.

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Keyword Research

Every part and chapter is important in SEO.

So, is the Keyword research.

Choosing the right keywords means better chances of you to rank on search engines.

In simple words, Choose your keywords wisely. Wisdom is key to win all fields and SEO requires the same.

kewyord research

This post is a continuation of the concepts introduced in the previous post about learning SEO basics.

Finding quality search terms and search phrases is usually the first step that should be undertaken when executing an SEO campaign. It can be argued that Keyword Research is the most crucial step in your planned efforts of optimizing your web pages seeing that if your target audience has little to no interest in the Keywords that you’re trying to rank for, your paid and organic SEO campaigns will be totally misguided.

Now the first question that you’re probably contemplating is:

How do I find the right Keywords that are guaranteed to drive traffic to my site?

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On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is about the Optimization of the website pages.

If your On-Page SEO is wrong, There is no chnace of you to rank your website.

But if it’s done perfectly, Chances are, you might not need to do link Building.

In simple words, On-Page is more 50% opimization.

And must be done perfectly.

This chapter will assist you to learn how to attract more traffic to your site with On-Page SEO so that your site can rank higher on SERPs. To learn how On-Page SEO can boost your overall SEO strategy, follow along.

First, let us look at the definition of On-Page SEO.

What is On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO, also commonly referred to as on-site SEO is the practice of making small modifications to the frontend (text, headlines, HTML tags, images, audio, videos, etc.) of your web pages as well as the backend components. All these efforts cumulatively helps search engines to better crawl, index, and understand the intent (informational, shopping, navigational) of said web pages.

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Technical SEO

Google is making the changes everyday.

Website speed is important.

SSL certifciate.

And many other things that are related to coding, security, speed and User exprience are a part of the techicnal SEO

technical seo, SEO, Learning SEO, SEO learn

Stop lagging behind in technical SEO!

If Google can’t crawl or index your site properly, your rankings WILL tank.

Luckily for you, this is the best resource online for you to learn technical SEO.

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is the process of tweaking the background elements that make up your site so that modern search engines can properly crawl it with the aim of improved organic rankings. Site architecture, rendering, indexing, and crawling are the main components of Technical SEO. At the very least, you should set up your site in such a way that search engines like Google and Bing can discover, crawl, index, and render your web pages.

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There is a lot of misinformation online about the best practices of link-building largely due to the peddling of outdated link-building practices. Some of these tactics can even have the opposite effect.

FYou should take into account that a lot of link-building practices can either be useless or outright harmful to your efforts to improve your SEO performance. While most SEO experts are aware of the detriment of employing black hat SEO tactics, many marketers don’t really understand how different backlinks can differ in value. Unless these SEO malpractices are nipped in the bud early, they can cause the opposite effect.

While one backlink can perform miracles for your SERPs performance, many other backlinks may barely make any difference.

We came up with a list that will help you learn the top link-building best practices for 2021 that is guaranteed to make a signifiucant difference on your search engine ranking performance and will not get your site penalized.

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UX Signals

UX stands for User Exprience.

Which is considered both by the Search engines and users.

Google’s Algorithm is also responsible for the UX design of website.

A bad design of your website is not going to take you anywhere.

Google is constantly updating its algorithm and if you don’t keep up with each Google “Core Update,” you will be faced with a situation where you are on the outside looking in, and you’ll fail to understand why even with a well-researched SEO strategy your site was bumped from the first page of the search results.

There is a good probability that you have been doing everything right up until now — your SEO may be solid to get high-quality search results, Google will often update its algorithm. The good thing is that these changes are usually transparent.

Google has come up with what they refer to as Web Vitals, which are the core metrics that they use to classify a healthy website. The Web Vitals are key to offering a good user experience.

They include — loading, interactivity, and visual stability. In this post, you will learn how Google measures these metrics as numbers.

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Video SEO

People like to see more videos than they read about somthing.

Video SEO has become an important part of SEO from last 10 years.

These days people are getting more exposure with just videos as compared to the other modes.

We have used Video SEO and it has helped us to get more customers.

So you have gone through all these chapters and you were able to learn the basics of website SEO. However, there is one more step remaining for you to master SEO. This chapter will help you learn the basics of Video SEO.

Firstly, you need to appreciate that video SEO is different from regular SEO and this is why we came up with this post to fast track to becoming a video SEO expert

What is Video SEO?

Video SEO refers to the tactics of optimizing your videos so that they can rank on the search engine results pages for relevant keyword searches. This article will help you learn the various strategies that you can employ to get your videos ranking higher.

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