Shubhi Singh

Professionally I am a content developer, strategist, and marketer who comes up with various creative content every time. But personally, I am a person who thrives on mental peace and keeps searching for ways to emotionally connect with others to develop a deep bond. Nature is my best companion as well as healer and books another. You can feel free to connect with me anytime for any reason.


The Best 8 Web Development Frameworks in 2022

With the rapidly changing technology, new web development frameworks keep coming into the market. Due to this reason, even...

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Freelance Writing in Online Magazines: Follow These 39 Magazines

Finding clients that pay well is a difficult task. But we have to do it if we need freelance...

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How to Approve iPhone from the PC? Follow These Ultimate Steps

If you are searching for the steps on how to approve iPhone from a PC, then you are at...

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How To Find a Book editor? Use these 6 effective methods

If you are a writer, you know already that writing and self-publishing an ebook is easier these days than...

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How Much To Charge For an eBook? Follow These 7 Ways

If you are a new writer or author who has just finished completing a book, the question “how much...

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How To Get Into Technical Writing? An Ultimate Guide

Ohh so you have chosen the technical writing niche. Good decision. Not a vast number of people choose this...

Aug 9 · 3 min read >
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