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The Best 8 Web Development Frameworks in 2024

With the rapidly changing technology, new web development frameworks keep coming into the market. Due to this reason, even experienced developers face...

The Best 8 Web Development Frameworks in 2021 - Tricky Enough

With the rapidly changing technology, new web development frameworks keep coming into the market. Due to this reason, even experienced developers face confusion sometimes about which framework is the best for them. This is an important decision to choose the appropriate framework as the design of your website depends on it mainly.

To select the best one for your website, you must understand these trends and the reason behind them. To keep you updated about the new trends, here is the list of top web development frameworks in 2024 that will help in choosing the best. Stick till the end to make your decision easy.


Angular.JS, supported by Google, is the most renowned open-source javascript framework. Because of its rich standard library and many users have created extensions for it. One of the distinguishing features which give uniqueness to this web development framework is the use of MVC.

For developing small applications using it, you will require some hours of spare time. But it will require months to learn and implement all its capabilities. It offers the awesome combination of a rich feature set and a low entry threshold. 

Its supports:

  • Ajax
  • Routing
  • Patterns
  • Animation
  • DOM structure management and much more.

Due to its rich functionality and powerful framework, it is used a lot in more and more web applications.


Laravel is the full-stack web development framework for both front-end and back-end developers. Because of its expressive and elegant syntax, many developers consider it the best platform for documentation.

Its key features of this web development framework include:

  • It offers a remarkable blade template using which users can separate webpage slicing from the PHP code.
  • Service provider packages contain necessary modules.
  • It contains a built-in SCSS and script collector.
  • Offers multi-language usage: use or add any language smoothly to the present translations in the Laravel-lang package.
  • Develop real interactive apps with WebSockets support.
  • Offers task scheduler, task queues, working with SSH, console, working with various databases, working with file storage, and caching.
  • Supports writing REST API.

The developers of Laravel consistently improve it to keep pace with modern trends. If you decide to learn this web development framework you will never stay behind in the web development world.

The key to learning it is that do not to focus too much on any specific framework version. Instead, keep updating and advancing with it.


Being one of the most popular libraries, React.js is used to develop complex front-end solutions. It tasted popularity really quickly after being launched in 2013 on Facebook. These days some very popular companies including Netflix, Yahoo, eBay, Instagram, Airbnb, and others use it in development.

It follows the concept of splitting the user interface into separate self-contained parts- elements that are easier to expand and maintain. It also offers you the privilege of creating elements separately and using them in various projects. This means that these elements are easily transferable from one project to another.

One of the main features of React.js includes the freedom of using a lot of different approaches to developing apps(Mobx, redux, and others). These are not directly the part of React.js but are architectural superstructures that are constantly upgraded as well.


Ruby on rails, a fully-fledged and multi-level framework, is based on MVC architecture. It was created to develop web applications with the use of databases. Due to its appearance, it tasted popularity as the most powerful tool very quickly. It is by developers to build web applications for startups and all kinds of websites.

Do you know what is the main advantage of this web development framework? It is its speed of development, one of the most important features for developers and companies. The high development speed depends on many factors:

  • Ruby language
  • Simplicity of coding
  • Set of ready-to-use standard RoR tools
  • Set of pre-created solutions

The ruby on rails follows the approach of adding files to a project, general programming rules, and standards for writing code in a project. Due to this method, the project can be easily structured and hence very readable. Thus, newcomers in your company or team can easily catch up with the pace without any delay.


ASP.net MVC, the favorite framework for many coders due to its flexibility, convenience, and global usage. This development is used to build web applications and websites which implement the MVC pattern.

It provides a very efficient coding model which supports ubiquitous extensibility along with ASP.NET benefits. It also offers the advantage of development through testing. Hence you can create pure code architecture.

Because of all these characteristics, the concept of shared responsibility is executed. As result, it is convenient to organize work on different components. In addition, this feature offers better testability to the application.

6. YII

YII is the component-based PHP framework that allows to efficiently design large web applications quickly. Using it you can completely use the code reuse concept, thus fastening the speed of web development.

You can use it in all kinds of web apps as it is a universal framework. Because of its excellent caching support and component structure, it is suitable for any large project creation like:

  • Portals
  • Forums
  • CMSs
  • Stores
  • Restful applications, etc.

The features and the key benefits of the YII web development framework include:

  • Connection with third-party libraries is possible.
  • Executes authorization and authentication.
  • Permits you to cache both the separate components and the entire page.
  • Better performance rate.
  • Can be used with database migrations
  • Easier to execute AJAX interfaces
  • Permits TDD style development and automated testing
  • Integrates with jQuery and supports REST style.
  • Permits you to work with forms, practically assuring their validation and construction.

7. Symfony

Do you know which is the most famous PHP framework in the world? Yes, you guessed it right. It is Symfony. It provides the whole set of tools to easily create web apps.

Symfony is the set of stand-alone components that acts as a unique ecosystem when all the components connect with each other to generate a web platform. As well as the selection of the components will be as per your choice and the goal to be achieved. It never imposes anything on your app.

The key features of this web development framework include:

  • Long-term support and stability.
  • Smooth customization.
  • Template engines make the performance rate high.
  • Developer orientation: allows the usage of special commands, decreases routine work.
  • Supports the expansion of apps at any time by joining new bundles and negligibly affecting the other bundles. You can configure their simultaneous execution.
  • Provides a convenient console using which you can generate a specific code without needing an engineer.

8. Django

Django is the Python framework that works on the main principle of DRY(don’t repeat itself). Web systems using Django are built in one or more apps that are advised to be developed connectable and detachable. Because of this method, this web development framework differs from a few other frameworks like Ruby on rails.

Its key benefits include:

  • Scalability: you can select this framework to work on projects that are focused on high-level traffic.
  • Complete package: Django is versatile with many additional characteristics which support website apps, user authentication, RSS, content administration, and much more.
  • Speed: This framework helps web developers in developing an app in the shortest span of time. This is the best framework for you if you set deadlines as your priority while working on the projects.
  • Safety from security errors.

Now decide which web development framework is best for you

The best way to come to any decision is to first note down the requirements of your project and the main features of these languages. Then decide which of these two matches more. And here you go with your selection of the best web development framework for your project.

To make the right choice, also check if these features can be applied to your project to achieve its goal. If one is best doesn’t mean others are not good. All are useful in their own way. I hope you will rock your applications. All the best! I hope this list has helped you in some or another way.

And don’t forget to mention in the comment section which framework you chose for your project.


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