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Woebot Health

Woebot Health offers treatment options for mental health that are based on artificial intelligence (AI). It gives remedies for adult mental health problems.

Whisper AI

An automated voice recognition model called Whisper was developed using 680,000 hours of multilingual data gathered from the internet. According to OpenAI, this model is...

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The first AI-assisted platform for mental health professionals with automated notes and analytics.


When medical symptoms arise, it aids in your comprehension of possible causes. We'll offer you a list of the most likely diagnosis once you provide...

Lavo AI

A healthcare firm powered by AI, Lavo Life Sciences provides solutions for atomic-level drug behavior study as well as efficient medication development.  

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AI Doula

An all-inclusive pregnancy and maternity support service is provided through the AI Doula smartphone app. It offers trustworthy medical guidance and infant...  

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Ask Poppy

With Ask Poppy, you can have a real-time text conversation with an AI-powered bot to get the answers you need. It doesn't matter if you're...

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Happy Mama

Happy Mama provides information and groups to assist women throughout their perinatal journey. Women are empowered by comprehensive resources and relationships both throughout pregnancy and...


Glass. Health is an AI tool that helps physician to make a diagnosis and clinical decision-making.

Glow AI

A service called GlowAI uses OpenAI to enable users quickly construct customized skincare regimens. The user is first prompted to input their budget in local...

Hippocratic AI

The Hippocratic AI technology focuses on the 1000s of other applications in healthcare that can increase healthcare access, equity, and outcomes dramatically.


AweMyFace is a skincare app that makes skincare routines more effective and personal by utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) technology.


Using AI to detect cancer, develop biomarkers for immunotherapy, and save lives through technology


Are you a biologist looking for an innovative solution to help you design improved proteins quickly and accurately? Look no further than Cradle. Our powerful...

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Facial Assessment Tool

Qoves Studio has developed a revolutionary facial assessment tool that leverages machine learning to scrutinize your face, much like a trained clinician would. This sophisticated...