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Get started with FastAI and get an introduction and insight into using convolutional neural networks for simple deep-learning image classification tasks.


Users of the no-code artificial intelligence site may create whatever AI model they want without writing a single line of code. It provides services...

Rath by Kanarie

Data analysis, visualization, and wrangling can all be automated using AI using the data exploration tool Kanari AI. It has capabilities including data preparation and...

$ 8
Miro AI

Sticky notes, pictures, playing cards, code blocks, sequence diagrams, and mind maps are just a few of the board elements that Miro AI may use....

Freemium Paid

Using artificial intelligence and natural language processing, the content generation and optimisation platform Wordmetrics optimises online content for higher search results. The platform begins with...

AI Experiments

An interactive platform dedicated to showcasing the potential of artificial intelligence is AI Experiments. It contains demos, resources, and tutorials for anyone interested in experimenting...

Free Users may identify available domain names for their project ideas and random project ideas using the AI tool. Additionally, it uses GPT for its...


A service called Next Three Books offers customers personalized book suggestions based on their reading tastes. It generates three book recommendations with thorough justifications using...


A pickaxe is a T-shaped hand tool that is used for prying, whereas its head is typically attached to a longer handle traditionally made of...


  Phraser is a tool that helps to create images and music from text. Furthermore, it is also used in impainting as well as in...

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Midjourney Splitter

This powerful tool allows you to break down a grid of images by uploading an image or pasting a link without any special software.


Empowering AI Innovation. Community of Makers, erecting with a state- of- the- art, ultramodern Artificial Intelligence. Join a Hackathon event moment!


FlowGPT is a website that enables users to share and discover AI prompts. People can use FlowGPT to identify the correct prompts for their tasks.

AI Art Apps Database

Discover a vast collection of resources, tools, and inspiration for designers and engineers who are interested in the world of AI art. From advanced machine...


Unlock your potential with a comprehensive suite of pre-designed tools tailored to boost productivity and unleash creativity. From streamlining product management to enhancing marketing strategies...