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  A prediction platform called MindsDB makes machine learning and intelligent databases simple to use. Forecasts can be created and visualised by data analysts.  

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Rose AI

Rose is a tool that is cloud-based data platform created to make data easier to access, interact with, display, and share.

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Akkio is a tool that helps to construct generative graphics and insights from the data you have, chat with it, and rapidly build machine learning...

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Generative BI

Generative BI tool is similar to voice pen as it also helps to convert audio, video, video memos, and websites into blogs.


Olli is a software company that offers an artificial intelligence data platform and also responds to data questions and continuously produces insights.  

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TableTalk is the solution for you. We use artificial intelligence to better map out your database so that it feels like you're speaking to a...

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A tool called AIHelperBot helps individuals and companies generate accurate and efficient SQL queries quickly.

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Revolutionize your data analysis with our cutting-edge AI-powered data query and business intelligence (BI) tool. This state-of-the-art tool offers lightning-fast insights at a fraction of...


Instantly extract insights from your data with ease.

Ask String

A online application called Ask String enables you to use natural language to analyze data. Your data may be used to pose queries, investigate trends,...

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Findly is a Slack-integrated NLG solution driven by AI that enables quick database searches, data visualization, and report creation.

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AI Data Sidekick

Unlock the true potential of your coding skills with our comprehensive collection of powerful recipes. Our platform enables you to write SQL queries, create comprehensive...

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