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Twitter is completely X Now. The Twitter Icon was X when Elon Musk purchased it 30%+ Shares. He gave Twitter the name X. Many failures made Elon Musk redesign the Logo and name of it. It was challenging for Twitter to fix issues politically raised against its name.

Now, is completely When you open, it will redirect you to
X name was published, but the domain name was just in the plan by its owners.
Finally, is available for everyone. It was a surprising update from Twitter Headquarters.

When X dominates the tech world, there will be no more Twitter. This is big news for everyone who uses Twitter as a social media platform, and it is big news for everyone today.

Rebranding of Twitter to X is published

Elon Musk did present X on his handle, and the interface was changed to Black and X. It was a revelation among Social Media platforms.

Shrawan Choudhary

Shrawan Choudhary

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