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Spreadsheet Secrets

Spreadsheet Secrets is a community and course platform for ambitious professionals who want to get better at using spreadsheet tools like Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel...

Excel Formula Bot

You may quickly develop complex Excel formulae with the aid of an AI Excel Bot. For formula generation, use basic English instructions.

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With the use of the AI-powered application SheetGod, users can easily generate complicated formulae and automate operations by translating English into Excel formulas.

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With the use of AI models, PromptLoop is a spreadsheet formula that lets users summarise, extract, or modify any text. It is intended for usage...

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Users can include robust AI models into their workflow, automate activities, and create formulae, graphics, and more with the help of Flowshot, an all-in-one AI...

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Formula Generator

An AI-powered toolbox called FormulaGenerator makes it easier to create and comprehend complicated Excel formulae and automation.  


By automating tasks that can't be automated with traditional formulas, Charm can be used in Google Sheets. Transform, analyze, and create any text data in...

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GPT for Sheets

GPT for Sheets can assist you in developing eye-catching, on-brand ad content, taglines, and subject lines that will pique your clients' interest. Extract and categorize...


No matter if you're a beginner learning Excel/Google Sheets or an experienced user looking for a refresher, Sheet+ will help you...

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Google Sheets

  Google Sheets is a web-based spreadsheet program and falls under the category of cloud-based productivity software.      


Experience the convenience of using AI to convert your textual instructions into Google Sheet formulas in just a few clicks. This tool is readily available...

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