Rebecca Rogers

Rebecca Rogers can usually be found reading a novel, and that book will more likely than not be a psycho-thriller. Writing a book was always on her bucket list, and soon, it will become a reality. When not absorbed in the latest gut-wrenching page-turner, Rebecca loves music, sings very badly, enjoys riding her Vespa around town, and otherwise spends far too much time at the computer. She lives in the States, with her father and cute little guineapig named Ollie.


5 Photo Organization Software Programs

In a world of increasing digitization and continuously growing technologies, which has also allowed us to engage with photographs...

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Facts About Instagram, You Need To Know

Instagram has been one of the world’s largest social networks, with 700 million active users worldwide. It encourages us...

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How To Find 1000s Of Free Online eBooks Aside From The Library?

In this digital era, everything is practical, starting from communication to education, entertainment to advancement, and cooking to traveling....

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All You Need To Know About Tasker Profiles

What are Tasker Profiles? Tasker is an automation application that was developed for the Android platform. João Dias is...

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7 Addictive Mobile Games You Should Download Right Away

They say games are great stress busters. Since youngsters had their hands-on mobile phones, there has been a steady...

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How to Download Apps on Firestick without Credit Card information?

Before we delve into the topic, let us understand, let us try to understand the meaning of two original...

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How To Sync Data Between Android And Mac?

The debatable topic of sync data android and mac can never conclude. With Apple’s newest and sixteenth macOS Catalina...

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How To Fix All The Possible IP Address Errors?

If you’ve ever seen a “Windows Found IP Address Conflict” notification, you may wonder what this notification implies. Although...

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