How To Fix All The Possible IP Address Errors?

How To Fix All The Possible IP Address Errors?

If you’ve ever seen a “Windows Found IP Address Conflict” notification, you may wonder what this notification implies. Although IP dispute problems are not typically difficult to overcome, they are challenging, particularly for those new to networking. Let’s focus on what the IP address error is, how it occurs, and what actions it takes to correct this issue as it shows up.

What Is The Issue IP Address?

An IP address discrepancy happens when two or more computers are given the same IP address to the same network. To explain why this is a problem, we need to take a step back and look at what the IP addresses are for.

Unlike a traditional home address for collecting mail, IP addresses serve as a way of distinguishing the device on a network that should be stabilized and secure via accessing with the router The router uses such IP addresses to channel network traffic to the correct machines.

Regardless of this method, more than one client can not be allocated to each IP address. When this occurs, the network may be overwhelmed by similar IP addresses and may not be able to handle them properly. However, when two computers can not have the same IP address, how can an IP error occur?

How Does It Happen?

In certain instances, IP disputes are uncommon in digital networks. It is attributable to DHCP (Dynamic Network Configuration Protocol), a device used for routers to transmit IP addresses.

With DHCP, when you connect a new computer to your network, your router must select the correct IP address from a list of choices. The machine can use this IP for some period before the lease ends, and a new one is needed. Unless your router malfunctions, two devices should never have the same IP address from this system.

More commonly, an IP conflict can occur when you assign static IP addresses to your network. Instead of automatically choosing an address from DHCP, you can set up a network system to always use the same IP address you prefer. When you wrongly allocate the same static Address to two computers, you will run into a duplicate IP mistake.

A specific IP dispute situation will arise if you have two DHCP servers on your network (which you should avoid). E.g., you can have your wireless router connected to your ISP modem/router combo. When all devices are attempting to function as a router, multiple IP addresses can be given.

Finally, you will attach redundant IPs to the network as the system comes back online when it is in standby mode. For example, say you’ve been leaving your laptop in hibernation for two weeks. During this time, your router can retrieve the IP address of your computer and allocate it to another computer, like a phone.

When you turn the laptop back on, you may always believe it owns the IP address, which results in an IP dispute. It can even happen if you place your machine on standby on another network that uses the same IP pool as yours.

How To Fix IP Address error?

For network troubleshooting, the first move you can take is to reset the infected machine and the networking devices. The IP address error could have been a small glitch that the reboot resolves. Restarting your router and modem will reassign all IP addresses via DHCP.

Disorder Static Internet Addresses On Windows

When it doesn’t work, the issue is a bit bigger. Next, check to see if your computer uses a static IP address. Launch Settings on Windows and go to Network & Internet > Status. Click Change Adapter Options on this menu, and then double-click the name of your network connection.

On the resulting page, select Properties, accompanied by double-click on Internet Protocol Version 4. This selection will always have an IP address picked. If that is not the case, choose the Manual alternative instead and press OK. Follow these measures with version 6 of the Internet Protocol to see whether the problem goes down.

It would be best if you also attempted to unsubscribe from the existing IP address of your device and obtain a new one. Restarting accomplishes that, too, but it’s still worth a try at this point. To do so, right-click the Start button, and then choose Command Prompt or Windows PowerShell.

Use the following order to give up your new Address, preceded by Escape:

ipconfig /release

Then, use this command to obtain a new IP address from the router: 

ipconfig /renew

IP Addresses on macOS

In a Mac, you can find the IP address choices in the Apple menu > System Preferences > Network. Pick the sort of link you are using from the left hand, then press Advanced.

Select the TCP / IP tab on the resulting page if the IPv4 Configure box is set to Manually, adjust it to Use DHCP. Verify whether the IPv6 Configure is set to Automatically, then press OK.

To update your existing IP on a Mac, press the Refresh DHCP Lease button on the right of this tab.

Check Your Router for Conflicting Devices

If the above measures have not solved the problem, you can log in to the administration panel of your router and take a look at the linked devices. Whether you do that depends on the router configuration, and we can’t send you the exact instructions.

Usually, you can find several linked devices in the Attached Devices, Linked Devices, My Network, or related segments. Take a glance at each computer and keep an eye out for overlapping IP addresses. To further narrow this down, you can search the IP address of your device by typing ipconfig to the Windows Command Prompt or ipconfig to the Mac terminal.

When you encounter two machines with the same identifier, uninstall any default IP address settings or update their IPs in your router to settle the dispute.

Update Your Router Firmware

Defective routers may trigger IP collisions to arise regularly and without notice. If you still have IP address errors even after you have made the above troubleshooting, you should update the firmware of your router. 

The exact steps to this do depend on the router you’ve got. Usually, you can notice the Firmware Update solution when you sign in to the admin panel of your router. It can be achieved under the Intermediate or Tools tab.

Although some routers allow you to upgrade the firmware automatically via the screen, others need you to download a file from the supplier and upload it to your router. Consult the website of your router manufacturer for further support. 

Resolve IP Address Conflicts superlative 

Now you know what an IP address dispute is, how two devices might have the same IP address, and how to resolve an IP dispute. Much of the time, there would be little dispute on the average home network. And if it does, you can often get it right with a few quick reboots.


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