7 Addictive Mobile Games You Should Download Right Away


They say games are great stress busters. Since youngsters have had their hands on mobile phones, there has been a steady increase in the number of addictive mobile games available. What was that? Snakes! Do you remember? The first of the games that we had on those Nokia phones. Man! Kids in those times were completely addicted. We often use the term addicted so fashionably, as if it is a reasonable habit to acquire.

Nevertheless, from Snakes to Candy Crush, today’s adults have seen the mobile gaming industry grow from a toddler to a teenager, where it is still growing. Some of us were also the ones who wanted games installed on new phones. First thing, we had a phone in the family.

If you are a Wii gamer and need some of the latest games, you can get safe ROMs from TechWhoop. Whatever the case, we all need one or the other game on our phones to pass the time while transiting in the metros or maybe when we have absolutely nothing to do in family gatherings.

So, we bring you a list of the six most addictive mobile games available to download to keep the gaming bee in you alive and to keep yourself occupied.

1. 2 DOTS

Let us start with the simplest of all that we have featured.

We all loved colors when we were young. This game brings you two groups of dots that are both differently colored. You just have to match the dots, and you are done! Yes, it is that simple. The difficulty increases as you level up, and you have a greater number of dots to match. It initially started with a little over 80 levels and now has more than 2500 levels to keep you engrossed. Just in case you get bored of the game’s constant pattern, the makers have taken care of that as well. This is a great way to keep yourself occupied and unwind after the day’s complex work. You must move your fingers on the screen, and that’s that.

Fun fact: There are also mini two to three challenges to keep the game distinct. An interesting fact to know is that due to the ongoing pandemic, the makers of 2 DOTS constantly allowed lives to be revived for hours at a stretch to keep you on it.

2. Dust Settle 3D-Infinity Space Shooting

The most addictive shooting game out there with extremely pleasing graphics and completely enthralling sound. It is available for Android users on the Play Store. You get many types of dust that you need to settle, namely Normal Dust, Elite Dust, Mini-Boss, and Super Boss. You get power-ups coming from the enemy side that you need to collect and are green. The red ones, you need to beware of them. Those are the extra shots that the enemy puts through to weaken you. You must dodge and collect or reject the ones that come your way. The Galaxy is chaotic, dangerous, and jam-packed with evil creatures. You need to keep eliminating threats and convey peace to the Galaxy. You can opt for your fighter (as you progress levels), prepare your starship, and set off to guard the peace of the Galaxy.

And did we tell you the game is free? 

Fun fact: You just need to move your fighter plane across the screen, and it shoots on its own without having to put extra effort into (extra finger/thumb) to shoot. 

3. Gardenscapes

This gem from Playrix has most youngsters hooked on it. We, too, keep going back to this one. Austin, the butler, has an ancestral house that is dilapidated. He visits it after years and plans on its renovation. But some levels need to be cleared and chances collected so the renovation can be carried on. You get to decorate everything from a bedroom with matching (or choice of) curtains to a hall with a glittering chandelier. The satisfaction is real, guys! You even get to follow and become friends with in-app people and keep your Facebook friends close too. So, what are you waiting for? Go on board this fun-filled and entertaining journey with Austin and his childhood friends.

4. 2048

Androbaby has developed this engrossing number game that can keep everyone from number-learning kids to old age people occupied with this number puzzle game. The number has the answer to what the game is about. You must make 2048 in total. Starting from 2 and going up to 1024 and after that to 2048. 

The game comes with the option of choosing your preferred layout of a square or rectangular tile. The smallest layout in a square board size is 3 x 3, and the largest is 8 x 8. For the rectangular board size, it is 3 x 5 minimum and 6 x 9 maximum. You have a leaderboard to record your standings amongst others playing the same levels. This could be called the absolutely no stress game, which just needs numbers to be dropped over or juxtaposed. Beware, this game could be addictive. Play at your own risk!

5. Wordscapes

The brain-drain of the list. Wordscapes have been by far something every parent would recommend their kid to play. This word-forming game has amazing visuals, and the noise those coins make is just wow! The game also has modern-day word puzzles, and the crossword layout takes the oldies back to their days of newspaper crosswords. The game comes with an aesthetic background and soothes the eyes from most of the day’s stress. The visual aid is not loud and is perfect for low-light setups. This challenging word game is popular worldwide because of its unlimited chances to clear one level. It has more than 6k crossword puzzles waiting to be solved.

6. Covet Fashion

Not something you come across every day, but it is eyeball-catching. This dress-up game from Crowdstar Inc. is aimed at the audience that loves dressing up. Now, who does not? You get to build your dream closet and choose what you wish to wear at an event/occasion. Get recognized for your great dress choices, and if you get voted the best dressed, you might even win some in-app prizes. You get to live your forever dream of a makeover through this game with hundreds and thousands of dresses, makeup, and hairstyles. If you are the fashion lover this game has been looking out for, Covet Fashion is waiting to be installed on your phone. 

7. Solitaire Bliss

Ever wanted to play cards but can’t gather a group together for the game? What about if you don’t have any playing card sets to speak of? Well, never fear! Solitaire Bliss, an online version of this classic card game, is exactly what you’re looking for if you need something addictive and fun to play. The object of the game is to find all four Ace cards as you eliminate all other cards from your game setup. The crazy thing about solitaire is that there’s a good chance you can’t win the game! But Solitaire Bliss has a setting where you can make it possible to guarantee a win, as long as you’re aware of your cards and play them well.


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