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Facts About Instagram, You Need To Know

Instagram has been one of the world’s largest social networks, with 700 million active users worldwide. It encourages us to share the...

Facts About Instagram, You Need To Know - Tricky Enough

Instagram has been one of the world’s largest social networks, with 700 million active users worldwide. It encourages us to share the fantastic and enjoyable events of the day with friends and the public. It also allows one to pursue the current trends or to build a pattern of our own.

The reason we love Instagram is that it gives us the inspiration to click on the artistic picture to go to the locations. It also enables us to make room for our busy lives. More than 500 million Instagram profiles are active on a daily basis.

Instagram has become a hub of influencers and is uploading day-to-day content and are followed by many people around the world. Due to the ban on Tiktok in India, Instagram has become the most used app in India. By introducing ‘Reels,’ influencers get a medium to share their regular content through short videos.

Making time-to-time updates makes it more user-friendly. Instagram also involves promoting your business by postings your company’s photos, videos, and even blogs. Instagram has become one of the sources of income. Connect with more people, construct influence, and create compelling content material that is exceptionally yours.

Instagram has taken the world, people making various types of content and entertaining the users through their content. It is also a platform to show your skills or talent, and the world knows about you.


  1. 68% of the users on Instagram are female. Which is more than in any social media. The most followed female on Instagram is Selena Gomez, with a total of 192 million followers, and the most followed male Id Cristiano Ronaldo, with a total of 244 million followers. The top followed brands on Instagram are Nike, Victoria’s Secret, and Nike Football.
  1. Instagram is also known for its filters, which help to make your pictures or videos more attractive and eye-pleasing. Instagram always updates its filter for the users, and the most used Instagram filters in the world are Juno, gingham, and Clarendon. Eighty million photos are shared on Instagram every day. Most Instagram users are from age 18 to 29.
  1. In the year 2012, Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion at the time of its purchase, there were only 30 million users on the platform. But today, it has more than Facebook users. It even makes more revenue than Google and Twitter. Instagram ranked 13th for the most popular website. There are 2 million active advertisers on Instagram.
  1. Instagram extends the time limit for a live stream from 60 min to 4 hours. The change is global and applies to all Instagram users. It helps the people to make a good conversation with the users without thinking about the time.
  1. The popular people or stars we follow on Instagram charge up to $100,000 for a sponsored post. In the year 2017, more than 1000 contact and personal details were leaked of famous personalities and high profile people due to a bug in Instagram. Besides the user’s account, there are tons of Fan pages that are regular on Instagram and are making content for their favorite ones.

Instagram has become a part of everyone’s lives. From sharing and uploading photos, videos, memes, and other types of content, we love to spend our time while scrolling Instagram. And, we always want to download the content we like to use further or maybe to share it with friends who don’t use Instagram, so if you read this article in-depth page, you can learn how to do the same. Following our favorite celebrities and influencers getting updated about the latest trend on Instagram, using varieties of hashtags while uploading a picture always makes us happy.


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