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How To Find 1000s Of Free Online eBooks Aside From The Library?

In this digital era, everything is practical, starting from communication to education, entertainment to advancement, and cooking to traveling. Free online eBooks...

Free online eBooks

In this digital era, everything is practical, starting from communication to education, entertainment to advancement, and cooking to traveling. Free online eBooks are the kind of books we can read during travel. We are living in the age of “Humans surrounded with electronics.” This is due to society’s love towards doing everything at their comfort zone virtually.

It is no surprise that education took up this revolution to the next level. In many sub-categories, eBooks are one of the most important key aspects. eBooks generally interpret as an electronic book, which can be ideally described as a digital format of a printed book consisting of images, texts.

eBooks are easily available in comparison to textbooks. We can store thousands of eBooks in the place of a single printed book. It matches with the virtual properties of being able to read at any time and anywhere.

Now the question which arises here is how to find these free eBooks online? I have come up with the solution to this in the below article. While there are many online resources that provide free eBooks without spending any single rupee, for instance, if you are looking for a collection of books, magazines, or even audiobooks, try to download from Scribd. All it requires is some time and patience to find the right one. There are several legal resources to download and read various ebooks, from academics to fiction and non-fiction. Whatever genre you want to read, we’ve to cover all the basics providing you ease-to-read free eBooks.

The digital sources are filled with hundreds of websites that offer you eBooks to download new releases and old classics. These sites contain eBooks that are no longer having any copyright issues or if the author wanted to publish the book for free. However, many other eBook sites charge minimal pay to give you access to the books that are not open to access for free.

Project Gutenberg: 

This is the best and the most suggested site for every digital eBook lover to rely on. It is the responsibility of a team of volunteers and fundraisers to manage and aim to collect and distribute the high level of eBooks as much as possible. This site offers more than 60,000 eBooks in various formats.


Overdrive is one of the most legal ways to approach. It is known for its cleanest and fastest way of accessing millions of eBooks online in various domains. The site is updated with new eBooks on a weekly basis. In addition to this, it also contains free audiobooks to listen to.

Library Genesis: 

Library Genesis website provides free reading materials ranging from educational material,  eBooks, magazines, articles, and many more. It has both fiction and non-fiction collections, academic textbooks, and comics with plenty of genres and lifetime free access. 

It is an advanced search engine, and it’s mostly difficult to search for any particular book. So it is suggested to go with the flow. It has 60 million articles and over 3 million eBooks.


This is one of the largest online sites and my personal favorite when it comes to fictional and non-fictional reading. The Site has really a massive collection of various eBooks that catches everyone’s attention for sure. It had over 4 million books and 60 million articles available for free.

B-OK provides eBooks in various formats. The best thing is you don’t need an account here to download the eBooks right into your computer. However, you can also register yourself as a member of the B-OK family for some personalized recommendations and other benefits.


Feedbooks is the one-stop destination for both free and paid eBooks in all domains. Here you will also find short storybooks, comics, public domain, and copyrighted books. The interesting thing here a reader could find is that this site provides recommendations based on word counts and reading time estimations of an individual.


As a student we always somehow or the other time will get the requirement of referring some preferred textbooks for our academic purposes. Some may be in the position of buying them, but most of us can’t. In this case, I highly recommend using PDFdrive as the best solution. It has been my personal favorite and my choice for all my academic eBook downloads and some of the famous novels. 

The most exciting part here is the process is very easy, and you need to have an account here to enjoy reading books and downloading them forever. This contains thousands of academic books, programming textbooks, subject materials, solution materials, and millions of fictional and non-fictional books.


It offers thousands of eBooks for free. We can broadly classify the site’s content into six categories as follows: Romance, Business, Self-help, Fiction, Sci-Fi, and even Non-fiction. 

This site needs an account from the user to access the eBooks. The account creation is also free. Once you create an account in Free-Ebooks.net, you will get access to download five titles per month. It also provides eBooks in various languages.


While there are many resources for finding eBooks in various genres, it is always difficult to find a site that contains academic textbooks. In this case, the resources are very finite. BookGuru is one such website that offers the user to download college textbooks. Its database contains more than 30000 textbooks.

Finally, as a result of this, it is concluded that there are many sources available on the internet offering free eBooks. All you need to do is to select the right choice based on your requirement.


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