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DoNotPay's more than 1000 chatbots may assist you with a variety of challenging legal circumstances without the need for an expensive human attorney.


A platform for managing the whole contract lifecycle with AI is called LinkSquares. Businesses may receive significant insight into their whole operations with this user-friendly...

AI Lawyer

Anytime and anywhere you need expert legal advice, our AI-lawyer is ready to assist you.

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An AI contract review technology called Maigon provides quick and accurate contract evaluations. The tool checks contracts offers legal advice, provides...  

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Legalese Decoder

Legalese Decoder is an online tool that utilizes artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning to examine legal documents and offer a simplified interpretation.

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Legal Robot

Using Artificial Intelligence, Legal Robot improves Access to Justice and makes legal documents easier to understand.

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An AI tool ferret was developed to offer companies and individuals real-time fair information to identify the risks and seize them.

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A legal assistant powered by AI generates easy-to-understand summaries of legal documents with Detangle.ai. This tool helps you quickly comprehend legal terms without having to...


Activazon is a sophisticated crime report analysis tool that keeps you updated on crime activities in their areas. Users of Activazon may quickly obtain comprehensive...

Darrow AI

This is an AI-powered platform that will detect harmful events and determine the number of victims. Darrow detects the financial value of each case at...


Patenpal is a language-building technology to empower patent attorneys and agents. Our product will improve patent drafting by generating a diagram and figures within one...