AI Participates in US Military Operations

AI in military operations

The US military used artificial intelligence to select targets for airstrikes in the Middle East. The trend of AI participation in military operations has also been seen in other countries.

The Advancing age of AI

Right around when OpenAI’s AI tool ChatGPT started gaining popularity, Artificial Intelligence showcased overall great potential in various industries. The rapid advancement of technology made military strategists wonder if it could be used for military operations. Various experts also touched on the possibility of this and shared concerns about its risks.

US Strikes Bomb Droppings Using AI

A Bloomberg report said that the US military has officially started using artificial intelligence i.e. AI in real combat situations. In a Mission on Feb 2nd, around 85 strikes were based on AI algorithms. Targeted rockets, missiles, drones, and field operations in Iraq and Syria.

The Chief Technology Officer of the military force has stated that the technology helps identify potential threats. A large part of the AI participation also includes training algorithms to visually recognize specific objects.

AI Involved in Israel vs Gaza

Many countries use AI technology in their military operation. Israel recently made headlines after several attacks on Gaza. The country led its military operations using AI technology. The program called “The Gospel” operates using AI software to recommend bombing targets in Gaza by analyzing vast amounts of data. It suggested around 200 targets in just 2 weeks.

Risks of AI in Military Operations

According to Yoshua Bengio a known Canadian computer scientist Artificial Intelligence could be misused easily. There is a high risk of potential malware and terrorist intervention. That could lead to a loss of control over the strike operations. Artificial intelligence has recently been showing errors in functioning from robots malfunctioning to AI tools behaving weirdly.

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