Bird’s Eye View on Google Maps – All-New Feature

Now, get the Bird’s Eye View on Google Maps with the all-new feature “immersive view on routes.” The feature was launched at...

google bird's eye view

Now, get the Bird’s Eye View on Google Maps with the all-new feature “immersive view on routes.” The feature was launched at Google I/O 2023, along with other AI features like Bard. It will initially implement in 15 cities, including London.

The “Immersive View on Routes” will provide the viewers with a 3D view and details on weather, traffic, street names, etc. It will help the users get a detailed view of their journey so they can pre-plan accordingly. It is right to consider it as Apple’s Flyover View’s advanced version. The users can now visualize all the landmarks, buildings, etc. while navigating their routes.

Bird’s eye view on Google Maps will also simulate traffic so that you can figure out what roads you are riding on and what alternative ways are available if a road is busy. Moreover, while driving, you can see your vehicle moving, which vehicles are blocking you, and if there is any way to go ahead with those vehicles to save time.

Bird’s Eye View on Google Maps for 15 Cities

Google’s new feature will fully launch in a few upcoming months. But, it will be initially visible for only 15 cities. These cities are Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Los Angeles, Miami, Dublin, Florence, Las Vegas, New York City, Paris, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Tokyo, and Venice.

Miriam Daniel, GM and VP of Google Maps clarified in his recent interview that this feature would launch in a few cities during the upcoming summer, and others will start using it in or after December. Bird’s eye view on G will launch first on Android and iOS. There is no clear statement about its launch for Desktop.

Bird's Eye View on Google Map

Will this help users to get the next level of experience while navigating their routes? Are you excited to experience this all-new feature of Google Maps? Please share your thoughts with us.


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