Google Introducing New AI feature in Google Maps

Google has unveiled a series of upcoming AI features in Google Maps, designed to assist users in organizing their journeys, navigating unfamiliar...

Google has unveiled a series of upcoming AI features in Google Maps, designed to assist users in organizing their journeys, navigating unfamiliar territories, locating charging stations for electric vehicles, and uncovering fresh destinations and leisure options.

Immersive View Feature – New AI feature in Google Maps

Google’s most visually sophisticated addition is the Immersive View feature for routes, which offers users a comprehensive preview of their journey from the beginning to the end.

By harnessing advanced AI technology to merge vast volumes of Street View and aerial images, Google asserts that Immersive View will transport users into simulated journeys, making them feel as if they are physically present.

The Immersive View preview delivers an interactive experience. It enables users to investigate routes from various perspectives, zoom in and out, pan the View, and even alter the time of day or weather conditions. This gives users a genuine feel for what to expect on their upcoming journeys.

Immersive View utilizes the power of computer vision, artificial intelligence, and an extensive repository of Street View. It also uses aerial images to craft its remarkably intricate 3D renditions of routes.

Initially introduced this year for individual landmarks and specific locales, Immersive View has expanded its horizons. Developers are empowered to create immersive encounters through novel 3D mapping tools integrated into the Google Maps Platform.

The release of Immersive View for routes will commence this week, extending its availability to Android and iOS users in select cities. These cities include Amsterdam, Barcelona, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Seattle, and Tokyo.

AI feature in Google Maps

Google Lens Update

Google Maps is broadening its Lens functionality, allowing users to gain their bearings in unfamiliar surroundings simply by raising their smartphone’s camera.

Leveraging the prowess of artificial intelligence and augmented reality, Lens overlays details about nearby eateries, stores, public transit hubs, and additional points of interest directly onto the camera’s View. However, Lens is extending its reach to over 50 additional cities worldwide.

Update for EV Drivers

Google is introducing a series of updates to offer electric vehicle drivers more informative details to alleviate concerns about charging while on their journeys.

Users will now have access to specific information such as charger compatibility, the count, type, and power capacity of chargers. Moreover, the details about the last usage to prevent encountering malfunctioning charging stations.

This AI feature in Google Maps will begin rolling out globally this week, benefiting users worldwide.

Visual Results – New AI feature in Google Maps

Google Maps introduces a fresh search approach by incorporating cutting-edge AI-driven visual outcomes. When users search for activities like “animal latte art,” they will get photo results depicting matching venues.

These thematic search outcomes will derive from analyzing countless photos through advanced computer vision models. Moreover, users can tap on the photo results to access comprehensive information, reviews, directions, and more for each establishment.

Google emphasizes that these innovations in visual searching draw upon their progress in computer vision, image recognition, and artificial intelligence. This enhanced visual search experience is being launched in France, Germany, Japan, the UK, and the US this week.


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