Anansi can Automate your Business’s Delivery Insurance Process

If you are running an e-commerce business, you may have experience purchasing shipment insurance. Well, let me tell you a solution to ease this process. Anansi is an automated system for resolving delivery insurance issues and making it smooth. Let’s know more about Anansi.


How Anansi came in existance?

While running her e-commerce venture, Anansi co-founder Megan Bingham Walker encountered firsthand the cumbersome process of purchasing shipment insurance. The contrast with other smoother business operations highlighted the outdated and subpar service provided by couriers when it came to missing or damaged parcels.

In response, Bingham Walker created Anansi—an insurance solution operating independently of a courier’s standard shipping protection. This innovative approach eliminates the typical pain points of claims, such as sluggish communication and unclear pricing.

Anansi streamlines the process through automation, sparing business users the need for calls or form-filling if a package goes astray. Claims are automatically initiated, and the refund seamlessly lands in their business bank account each month. The vision? To redefine and simplify insurance for businesses in the e-commerce realm.

Get courier standard shipping protection.

Anansi aims to eliminate the headaches tied to shipment claims by delivering an easy and time-saving solution. Currently, only 10% of goods in transit are insured because existing solutions are deemed inadequate.

Anansi changes the game by providing companies with instant cover quotes and total retail value settlements, going up to £25,000. The coverage extends to nearly any courier, with big names like Evri, DHL, UPS, and FedEx already on board. It’s a comprehensive and hassle-free approach to shipment insurance.

Anansi stands firm on diverse hiring and representation, aspiring to create a workplace where everyone is respected and valued. Proudly featured in this year’s Startups 100, It is racking up accolades across the industry, hinting at a future that promises even more success. Another trophy cabinet might be for this standout company.

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