Google Chat Can Now Add 50,000 Members in Spaces with Easy Search Function

Google Chat is the world’s most popular chat platform for many organizations, where the organization’s members do group meetings with easy communication and collaboration. 

Previously, Google Chat was restricted to a meeting with 8,000 members at once. 

According to new Google updates, the limit increased from 8,000 to 50,000 members. 

The biggest reason for this new update from Google is to help companies make wide announcements, event-oriented spaces, large communities, and support-related spaces. 

Overall to increase worldwide connectivity with other members and build thriving communities.

Google Chat New Limit Upgrade

Google has now upgraded the limit to 50,000 members, enhancing the organization’s productivity by enforcing the team size. 

Google said in a workspace blog post, “We hope this feature helps increase connectivity and sense of belonging. Also, create broader and more thriving communities within your organization.”

google chat space

Google has rebranded the “Google Chats” as Spaces where members can create a space and do meetings. 

Additionally, a “Space Configuration” feature is available that allows space managers to choose any member to change details such as name, icon, description, guidelines, or turn chat on/off, etc.

With such a significant jump in the chat spaces, Google has rolled out various features such as message editing, sending reactions, message thread creation, and much more.

Search Members Filter

Additionally, Google has added a search member filter that allows users to search for specific members in the meeting easily.

Google also said if a member is present, you can change their role quickly. And add the members to the space.

This large limit feature has rolled out immediately, but it may take up to 15 days to receive worldwide users.

The search functionality will roll out on July 20 on the web. The Members feature will be rolled out in Android on August 7 and iOS on August 28.

These features are available exclusively for Google Workspace Customers.


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