Pluto Capital, AI Investment-Advice Platform Acquired by Robinhood

Pluto Capital Inc. has now been acquired by Robinhood Markets Inc. This recent acquisition by Robinhood aims to introduce customer-specific investment strategies, portfolio optimisation, real-time insights and more.

With Robinhood’s new acquisition, the company has directed Pluto to integrate AI into its system. The crypto trading company expects Pluto to provide LLMs with instantaneous access to worldwide financial and personal data. This results in faster identification of newer opportunities which Robinhood investors can jump on. 

The AI co-pilot will also provide customers with tailor-made investment strategies. This is done by analysing factors, such as previous behavioural patterns, investment aims and risk assessment. 

Investors are also offered real-time insights and portfolio optimisation. The former allows for fast and smooth decisions, while the latter provides improved results and a good balance between individual risk and growth. 

Jacob Sansbury, co-founder and CEO of Pluto has also expressed his gratitude towards Robinhood and has stated that he is excited to start innovating at Robinhood. 

Pluto Capital Inc. Background

Pluto had two versions out for customers i.e., the free version and the paid subscription model starting at $8 per month. The paid subscription allowed users to send unlimited messages which was unavailable in the free version. 

The company was founded in 2014 and it is headquartered in the Greater Los Angeles Area, West Coast, Western US. Pluto currently has around 10 employees and 23 associated members as per the information available on the company’s LinkedIn page. 

Pluto has acquired $4 million through various seed funding rounds. The startup was funded by investors such as Caffeinated Capital,, Seguineau and Switch Ventures. 


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