Report: US Workplaces Experience ChatGPT Craze, Raising the Alarm For Some

Report: US Workplaces Experience ChatGPT Craze, Raising the Alarm For Some

Despite concerns that have prompted employers like Microsoft and Google to limit its usage, many workers in the U.S. are turning to ChatGPT for assistance with simple tasks, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll.

The ideal way to deploy ChatGPT, a chatbot program that employs generative AI to have conversations with users and respond to a variety of stimuli, is being discussed by businesses all around the world. Security organizations and businesses have expressed concern, meanwhile, that it might lead to the leakage of strategy and intellectual property.

Employing ChatGPT in daily work

Writing emails, summarising documents, and conducting preliminary research are a few instances of how people reportedly use ChatGPT to support their daily work. Only 22% of respondents to an online survey on artificial intelligence (AI) conducted between July 11 and 17 stated their bosses specifically permitted the use of ChatGPT at work, while 28% said they often use ChatGPT.

With a precision margin of around 2 percentage points, the Reuters/Ipsos survey of 2,625 adults in the US had a credibility interval. 10% of those surveyed claimed that their managers specifically forbade using external AI technologies, while 25% were unsure whether their employers allowed its usage.

After its launch in November, ChatGPT rose to the position of the app with the fastest growth rate in history. Its developer OpenAI has run afoul of authorities, causing both excitement and anxiety. This is especially true in Europe, where the company’s extensive data collection has garnered condemnation from privacy watchdogs.

Researchers discovered that similar artificial intelligence AI may repeat the data it took in during training, posing a possible risk for sensitive material. Human reviewers from other firms may read any of the created chats.


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