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Flashback to March 2020. Lockdown hits, and newspapers echo the cliché of the ‘new normal.’ Businesses scramble to embrace online platforms like...

Flashback to March 2020. Lockdown hits, and newspapers echo the cliché of the ‘new normal.’ Businesses scramble to embrace online platforms like Zoom while cybersecurity takes center stage. However, fast forward two years, and the surge in security startups, including Worldr, signals that the threat persists.

Now, what sets Worldr apart? It boils down to one word: simplicity. Nestled in London, this platform effortlessly weaves privacy, security, and compliance layers into some of the globe’s most widely used business communication tools—think Microsoft Teams, Slack, and WhatsApp. However, in the evolving narrative of digital security, it stands out for its commitment to making protection easy and accessible.

Worldr Founders

Worldr keeps your data protected

In an era where hackers and malware are leveling up (with a 31% surge in cyber attacks in 2021), Worldr provides customers with the utmost assurance that their data remains shielded. How? Through their zero-trust architecture, adopting a “never trust, always verify” approach to every device, user, or application engaging with your network.

Unlike other applications demanding lengthy implementation, Worldr claims a swift rollout—less than 10 minutes—asserting its products sit seamlessly atop your existing architecture. This sets a high bar for data protection and demystifies the often complex realm of cybersecurity, particularly for SMEs and startups navigating these digital waters.

Cybersecurity over the top

Worldr is simplifying the often perplexing world of cybersecurity, especially for SMEs and startups. This app boasts some impressive backers, earning recognition as a Rising Star Finalist by Tech Nation in 2020 and securing a substantial £280,000 investment from InnovateUK.

Having disclosed a robust $11 million (£9.9 million) seed funding last year, Worldr now wields substantial capital to fuel its expansion efforts. The focus? Developing additional secure layers for various communication platforms, including email.

Positioned as a clever and disruptive system tailored for the businesses of tomorrow, Worldr earns its spot as one of the top startups to watch in 2023. However, the journey of simplifying cybersecurity for small businesses continues, and Worldr is at the forefront of this transformative narrative.


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