Expert solution for combining several PST files into a single PST file

combining several PST files

Combining several PST files: PST files contain a combination of several important PST data and information kept in Microsoft Outlook, which is the primary cause of PST management problems among users. Numerous PST files lead to challenges for the user, such as file corruption, application performance problems, and administrative concerns. The user requests that the files be combined to fix these issues and make the data safe and easy to use.

The benefits of combining several PST files into a single PST file include the following:

  • Merging many PSTs into a single PST will save time.
  • When users want to share many PST files, sharing one PST file is often more convenient than emailing each one individually.

How to combining several PST files into a single PST Manually

  1. Turn on your local computer and open Microsoft Outlook.
  • Open Outlook first.
  • Choose New Items and More Items after selecting the Home tab. Select the PST data file for Outlook.
  • Create a new Outlook data file and save it in the location of your choice. Click “OK.”
  1. A fresh PST file was successfully created.
  • After that, export every item in the inbox to the freshly made Outlook PST file. Next, proceed as follows:-
  • In the Open and Export section of the File tab, choose Import and Export.
  • Now, the dialogue window for the import and export wizard appears. Select Import from an alternative program or file. Then click the “OK” button.
  • Select the kind of file by using the file type.
  • You can now look up the file location, choose the file to import, and select whether or not to import duplicate entries.
  • After selecting the PST file to import and checking or unchecking the included sub-folder, click Import item into the selected folder. Activate the “Finish” menu item.
  • Once the button has been fully clicked, the process only takes a few minutes to finish.

The user might experience certain limitations while utilizing the manual method. For example, merging several PST files was impossible, making the process more time-consuming and tedious.

PST Merge Software: An Expert Solution

The superior feature of Softaken Outlook PST Merge Software is the ability to combine PST files of different sizes into one. To combine many PST files into one, use the alluring PST Merge Softaken Outlook PST Merge Software. Customers can quickly and satisfactorily combine two or more PST files using it. It suggests that users choose many PST files simultaneously so they can be combined into one PST. It is easy to integrate the vast PST files into a single PST.

The following are some of PST Merge Software’s highlights:

  • Users can upload several PST files at once.
  • When combining two or more PST files, many options are available: merge, join, and merge contacts folder.
  • Email Meta-data is accurately retained even when several PST files are merged.
  • The application quickly and swiftly integrates the files.
  • It can also combine PST folders with ease.
  • PST files of any size can be combined with the application.
  • Each merged file is saved simultaneously in the new and old PST files.
  • Additionally, the application can combine files in ANSI and UNICODE formats.


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