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The Ultimate Difference Between Web Hosting And Cloud Hosting

The article demonstrates the difference between web hosting and cloud hosting. You can check the features of both before choosing what’s best...

The Ultimate Difference Between Web Hosting And Cloud Hosting

When you have your website, you need to choose which hosting you want to prefer. The article will let you know the difference between cloud hosting and web hosting and will help you decide which truly suits your business.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is an internet service that allows organizations and individuals to make their websites visible on the internet and accessible through the World Wide Web. 

Web hosting basically refers to exactly where and how the user wants to host their website files and information. The web host is the place where all the website data is stored.

The website is a clutter of stored files and information that are placed on a host somewhere. The moment a user searches for your domain name, the web browser downloads all the files and information stored in the web host and displays them to the users. 

Web hosting totally depends on the size of your website, the amount of traffic your website has, and the overall technical expertise and this is the reason why the user should be able to choose a suitable web hosting service. In case the user chooses a standard web hosting, the data and files will be stored in a single server.

What is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is the process of making applications and websites accessible using cloud resources. The applications or websites are not deployed on a single server but on a network of interconnected virtual and physical cloud servers which ensures better scalability and flexibility.

Cloud hosting is considered by most organizations as the applications and solutions are stored on the cloud network rather than on-premise or single server and it also provides the flexibility to only for the resources that are used. The participation of APIs, mobile applications, and web portals as well as controlled and automated functionalities makes it much more preferable than any other service.

Advantages of Web Hosting

  • Data management

With suitable web hosting, you get the benefit of content management. It is up to you to decide how many pages you want to add to your website and you can add as much data as you want. You can post as many articles and blogs as you want and there are no limitations regarding ads. Web hosting provides the freedom of complete management of your website content

  • Infinite space

When you choose free web hosting, you get a fixed bandwidth and space and that might not be suitable for your work for a long time.

Choosing a suitable web hosting service grants the flexibility of infinite space or you can choose the amount as per your requirement.  You can upgrade or downgrade the level of scalability which affects your website traffic.

  • Website designing and styling

Web hosting allows you unhindered designing of your website and it allows you to choose your website style. You can be as creative as you want and prepare your website according to your ideas. You can experiment with various designs and layouts, templates, and formats and create your website in your own way.

  • Data recovery

One of the major advantages of web hosting is automatic data recovery. Since data is the key asset of every business, having regular data backups is important. Web hosting makes sure that all your data is secure and safe while also providing data recovery. This means that even if you somehow lose your data, it will be possible for you to gain all the lost data in no time. 

  • Professional Email and Domain

With web hosting, you get a business domain and a professional email address that is strictly for your business. If you go for free web hosting, there are chances that your business is at stake but with professional web hosting, everything is automatically handled by the hosting service.

Advantages of cloud hosting

  • Business continuity 

Let’s agree that disasters are unpredictable and your business might face a loss. But when you choose cloud hosting, you don’t have to worry about this at all. 

The cloud computing data centers provide backup power generation that ensures the continuity of business operations even after failures. The advanced mechanisms are designed to restart automatically, notify the technicians about any kind of problems, and also collect the information for safekeeping. They provide easy recovery thereby reducing the time spent on unnecessary workload.

  • Remote accessibility

Cloud hosting reduces the stress of being an in-office team member as it provides remote accessibility.

For example- Software hosting companies host their applications on the cloud. This provides them the ability to access their software from anywhere in the world. Not only location advantages but they can also use the application on any device whether it’s a mobile phone or a desktop. 

  • Increased data delivery speed

The reason why most organizations rely on cloud hosting is that it provides faster data access.

The cloud hosting services can easily detect which server is close to a given location or receiver, allows content from the nearest source, and minimizes the loading time.  The user thus sees a speed load page and it also hinders the user’s preference for any local hosts. This is why it’s always best to choose a regional hosting service.

  • Scalability

Cloud hosting provides better scalability and more options for businesses.  It is possible to upgrade the CPU or RAM, therefore, providing more scalable options. You can also choose different features and options depending on the regular business requirements.

  • Cost savings

Cloud hosting provides many benefits including resource monitoring, free data migration, and managed to host. With all the features it provides, it reduces unnecessary costs. There is no need to have a full-fledged office infrastructure and you can pay for only the services you want. If we consider all these advantages, cloud hosting is much economical.

Web hosting Vs Cloud Hosting

Web hostingCloud hosting
Scalability is lesser Easy scalability 
Fixed or single serverMultiple servers working on the same platform 
Less reliable More reliable
Depends on the package that is chosenDepends on usage 
Refers to a server linked to internet hostingMany servers used to host in cloud storage


The article demonstrates the difference between web hosting and cloud hosting. You can check the features of both before choosing what’s best for you.The user thus sees a speed load page and it also hinders the user’s preference for any local hosts.

Written by Vishwa Deepak
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