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How to Recover Deleted Instagram Messages?

There can be a million reasons and a million times where you will accidentally lose your messages and chat history which may...

recover deleted instagram messages

There can be a million reasons and a million times where you will accidentally lose your messages and chat history which may pertain to some extremely crucial information. At that time nothing else comes to mind except, you ruined it completely Isn’t it? Well, here we are with some of the most effective and efficient methods of recovering deleted Instagram messages. This will definitely help you with your query on how to recover deleted Instagram messages.

So let’s discuss where recovering the deleted Instagram messages is possible

I. Recovering deleted Instagram messages with the help of Instagram Data

The moment messages are deleted from Instagram it vanishes from the device only. Nevertheless still present on the Instagram servers. Therefore Insta provides functionality with which those messages could be downloaded to the phone’s internal memory directly. This data can be anything. Namely photos, videos, messages, etc. One of the best methods for Instagram deleted message recovery.

Here are the steps with which the deleted messages can be recovered easily:

1. Open the phone’s web browser. Avoid using the application instead. Log in to the official webpage. Then sign in with the correct credentials.

2. Click on the profile symbol present in the extreme right corner of the screen. Then click on the setting symbol.

3. Then select the privacy and security displayed on the pop-up screen. Go down by scrolling a bit where you can see “Data Download”.

4. Select the “Request Download” This will ask for verification you need to verify by entering your credentials again.

5. Enter your email address and a link will be sent which is crucial for the data you are looking for such as photos, comments, videos, messages, profile information, etc. Lastly, select Next to proceed.

6. Enter your password and select ‘Request Download’ The file will help you get to the data you need.

7. Open your mailbox where you will see the file with the name “Your Instagram Data” and hit the download icon. This will download the file in the ZIP format to your HDD/SDD.

8. Unzip the file & look for the file that says message.json. Finally, you need to open it with a text editor.

This will give you unrestricted access to all the data you send or receive on Instagram. Just for your information, Instagram may take up to 48 HRS to respond to your request.

II. Recovering deleted Instagram messages with the help of a linked FB account

Facebook and Instagram are one as it was bought in 2012 and their operations were connected. This is the perfect method of how to recover deleted messages on Instagram. So if in case you have deleted important files or messages on Instagram they could be recovered with the help of a Facebook account. These are the steps you need to follow:-

For this method to work you need to have your Facebook and Instagram accounts interlinked with one another.

1. First you need to open the phone’s web browser & log on to the official homepage of Facebook. Avoid using the app instead of the lite version of the app. It is a must to use the website only.

2. Log into your FB account that’s linked up with the Insta account.

3. Select the inbox icon.

4. Now move to the extreme left window pane which will give you an option called “Instagram Direct”.

5. After you select this option you will see all the Instagram Direct Messages.

And you’re ready to roll.

III. Considering the Third Party apps & tools to Recover Deleted Instagram Messages

There are dozens of third-party tools in the market that claim to be far more efficient than any other method. How does this work? These apps make use of the cache files on your device to recover the deleted texts. It is simple to use. This will help you with the Instagram messages recovery. Especially when all the steps are followed respectively.

1. Dr.Fone by Wondershare:- Android

This is one of the most popular apps developed by Wondershare for recovering deleted messages. It works flawlessly on both Mac and Windows as well. And works just fine with the Android version 9 and above. Quite a helpful application to recover lost data to rooting error, or factory reset. deletion. virus attack, system crash, etc. It helps in recovering the videos. contacts, call history, texts, and important docs from Android devices.

2. Fonelab:- Android

A highly astounding data recovery software for Android. It runs perfectly on Mac and Windows too. Using this tool to recover deleted messages from Instagram is very easy. And it doesn’t stop at this as it supports recovering deleted messages from other popular IM apps too. Recovering the data such as old deleted photos, messages, texts, attachments, call history, and even documents from the device. It works!

3. Imyfone D-Back: iPhone

Yet another amazing message and data recovery software but this time it is for iPhone users. Even they can lose data. This software works great on Mac or Windows. It is capable of recovering valuable data for iPad or iPhones basically for the Apple device. Using it is easy and it can recover the deleted messages with ease. Recovering texts, IM, call history, and media files is possible now with this software.

4. Ufone: iPhone

Quite an efficient and easy way to get precious data back for Apple devices. Works and functions easily on Windows and Mac Devices. While also being quite helpful when recovering data for deleted Instagram messages.

IV. Recovering Instagram Messages from Insta Message Recovery Tools (Fake)

There are over a hundred and thousands of Instagram Message Recovery Tools on the internet that claim to be the best for recovering your deleted messages. These websites are made in such an authentic way that they appear to be very appealing and genuine to the onlookers. A general disclaimer to all those who take this as a genuine website, please be aware of such websites as these are fake and can result in a data breach of your personal and sensitive information. These tools can be useful to some extent and later they will be good for no reason at all. The perfect way for Instagram message recovery can be none. Instagram can be a social media site that gives you a lot of things and makes things easier for you.

V. Seek assistance from the message sender

This is by far the easiest way of retaining or recovering the old chats and chat data. The best thing to do is to ask them if you can get a screenshot of the previous chat and send it to you. Or else you can ask them to forward the important conversation messages to you. Of course, you need to explain to them what went wrong when you lost your data but still the most convenient way of getting the messages back in the first place. When everything else fails this method works fine. Hence a great way for Instagram DM recovery.

Final Words

These were by far the most effective methods to recover deleted Instagram messages. By making use of any of the above methods you can recover the deleted messages which are no doubt valuable and priceless. We hope that this article was helpful to you. If you have any other method that works for you, you can write to us in the comment section!

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  1. Thanks for providing such an amazing article. Due to this, I have successfully recovered my Instagram deleted messages. Worth sharing the article.

  2. Thank you Sushant, this is great to know. I had no idea you could recover these Instagram messages from anywhere.
    Instagram has become very complicated with its recent updates and changes. I’m sure some will want to recover messages.

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