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Fixing the Facebook Dating not Showing up

I think you all are familiar with Facebook Application because Facebook is the world’s biggest social networking platform and you all are...

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Fixing the Facebook Dating not Showing up

I think you all are familiar with Facebook Application because Facebook is the world’s biggest social networking platform and you all are probably using this platform and you must be having a least one Facebook account on Facebook. So, if you have a profile on Facebook then you are aware of Facebook dating, if you not what is Facebook dating Profile is and how it works then with the help of this article, we tell you what is Facebook dating profile is and we also tell you how to fix Facebook dating not showing up the problem on Facebook.

How you can set up your Facebook Dating Profile?

Firstly, you need to know how to set up your Facebook Dating profile. If you know how to set up that nice if you don’t know then we will tell you. You don’t need to install and download any 3rd party application or any new application to set up your Facebook Dating profile. You can set up this feature with the help of only a single Facebook application. For this you just need to click on Facebook and then tab on the main menu, and open up an option within the menu is setting.

Here you can see an option setting your Facebook profile open that option and here you can see an option select gender in that you can see another option i.e. Gender you are interested then you can select your interested and you also need to fill in all details that they want to like your religion, caste, height, weight, etc. and after that Facebook ask some questions and after this, you need to complete your Facebook Profile with profile picture and when you complete these all steps then Facebook matches your profile with another same profile person which has same preferences and interest on Facebook.

Why is Facebook not showing Facebook dating Profiles?

Facebook is the biggest social networking platform, and Facebook has currently 2.7 Billion Monthly users that use Facebook which means it is a big company in the world. So, there are some reasons why the Facebook App not showing up. Below we tell you a few reasons that help you to resolve the Facebook dating not showing up the problem.

Facebook Dating is banned in your Country 

Facebook Dating app is banned in your country that is one of the big reasons that Facebook Dating not showing up. Recently Facebook has launched this Dating app in the following countries i.e. United States, Brazil, Bolivia, Canada, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Guyana, Colombia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Mexico, Peru, Paraguay, Philippines, Suriname, Uruguay, and Vietnam. So, if you are living in any of these listed countries then only you can use Facebook Dating App features and if you are not a member of the listed countries then you can’t use Facebook Dating Service. So, take some Patience Facebook is planning and work on expanding these Dating services in some other country very soon.

Fixing the Facebook Dating not Showing up

Age Issues

If these dating services are in your country, but if you are not able to enjoy this service, then maybe your age is not 18+ and Facebook Dating is not showing up will appear, and you can’t use this feature. If you are 18+ only then you can use Facebook dating. This is the policy of Facebook and they follow this policy. If your Facebook profile is less than 18+ then they can close your account. If you fill in the wrong date of birth on your Facebook profile then the Facebook team can very easily catch you and block your account.

Sometimes some user above 18+ but they can write minimum age in their profile that’s why they can’t access this dating service if you’re from one of them then you need to change your Date of Birth and write correct Date of Birth by following simple steps i.e. Tab on your Profile then tab on About and next you tab on Contact and Basic Information after that you need to scroll down and select your Birth Date option and update your Birth date and Save it. After updating your Facebook profile now you can access the Facebook dating service.

Some Other Reasons

When you don’t update your Facebook application or Due to poor internet or Wi-fi Connection that is why you can’t access Facebook Dating features. Sometimes you disable your Facebook Notification because of this you can’t access Dating Feature. Facebook-Server down then you can see Facebook dating is not showing up but this is a rare case.

Fixing the Facebook Dating not Showing up

How to fix Facebook Dating not showing up Problem?

You can get fix this problem by just checking and improving the methods given below.

Update your Facebook app version

If you are trying to update your profile using Mobile. Then you must update the version of your Facebook mobile app. The current version of the App might not have the Facebook dating feature.

Facebook Dating service is Available in your Country

To fix this problem you need to know that Is Facebook Dating service is Available in your country or not? If this service is available in your country but you can’t access this service then you need to update. Once you update the Facebook app you can access this service easily, and you can fix this problem.

Poor Internet Connection and Enable Facebook Notification

Due to Poor Internet connection some time you can’t access the Facebook Dating service. In this case, you just need to check if your Wi-fi connection is properly connected. So, if your internet properly works and you Enable your app Notification then you can fix this problem.

Facebook Server Down

Sometimes Facebook-Server may be down that is why you can’t get a Dating service. In this case, you must wait for some time when a Facebook server starts again. Then you can access Facebook Dating Service.

Clear your Facebook Cache or Again Install your Facebook App 

Sometimes your App cache gets corrupted which is why your application may not be working properly. In that case, you need to clear all cache of your Facebook application. You can also remove this app from your device and you can again download it via the Play Store. This will help you to fix your Facebook dating problem.


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