AI Turns To The Bible For Help

Turns to the Bible

Researchers at Dartmouth College have turned to the Bible to improve translations done by computers.

What is the Bible?

It is a sacred book revered by the Christians and Jews. It is a collection of teachings, history, prophecies, and moral guidelines. The book is divided into two testaments focusing on God’s covenant with humanity and centers around Jesus Christ’s Life and teachings.

The Historic Relevance of the Bible

The Bible holds proven data for almost 2,700 years old. That’s like years of timeless wisdom on morality, relationships, purpose and so much more. The broad language construct of the Bible makes it a very strong literary source. With a wide range of translations and corrections, it is a great source of literature. Because the Bible is such an old text it covers a range of cultures and historic events.

AI Translation and Language Updating

Artificial intelligence has evolved unlike how it used to be. From being a technology to modernizing or simplifying complex tasks to becoming a useful tool for language and content creative purposes.

Google’s chatbot the Gemini very recently had an update. The update now has enabled Gemini to generate images and provide multilingual answers to the prompts. This is a good example of the use of language and translation in AI. With the very recent issues found in ChatGPT concerning the lack of data accuracy companies have now started to take serious action to improve the data set of their AI.


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Bible and AI

Researchers at Dartmouth College have relied on the Bible to improve the translations done by computers. The researchers have looked at how the ancient text is a strong source of historical events plus a shelf full of literary legacies. Data improvements and improvements in translation made using the Bible are a step to appreciating the oldest era. This bridges the gap between the modern world of AI and the birth of literature and how we might still need manuscripts to always rely on them.

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