Alert: New Linking Rules Are Implemented By YouTube To Reduce Spam

Alert: New Linking Rules Are Implemented By YouTube To Reduce Spam

YouTube will disable the ability to click on Shorts links, do rid of banner links, and allow artists to use new profile links to showcase content in order to reduce spam and fraud.

In an effort to combat fraud and spam on its platform, YouTube has introduced new rules.

Links in comments and descriptions of YouTube Shorts will gradually stop working as of August 31, 2023. This adjustment, according to YouTube, attempts to reduce spam and phishing.

The business will introduce a new method for channel page creators to share important connections. On August 10, creators can begin setting up these new profile links, and on August 23, viewers will start seeing them.

On August 10, 2023, YouTube will also stop using banner links altogether.

Moving away from conventional banner links, YouTube is introducing a new feature that will allow creators to highlight essential links on their channel sites.

As a result, producers will be able to more easily and seamlessly connect viewers to important material by directly displaying links on their channel sites.

Links can be openly displayed on creators’ channel pages as opposed to being tucked away in banners.

Making Content Links More Useful for Content Discovery

In late September, YouTube will begin adding content links for Shorts videos. The creators of Shorts can link their videos to other Shorts using these links. This can help users identify more pertinent material and encourage cross-promotion between creators.

The ecosystem of YouTube Shorts should be strengthened by becoming more linked and coherent. With its new linking policies, it hopes to reduce spammy linking while still enabling creators to distribute appropriate material.

Links in Shorts will stop working as of August 31. Banner links will be eliminated on August 10 and creators can replace them with fresh profile links.

While waiting, viewers should use caution when clicking unidentified links in YouTube Shorts.


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