Altrove: Creating New Materials from AI and Lab Automation

Altrove: Creating New Materials from AI and Lab Automation

Altrove is an AI-powered startup that creates sustainable and inorganic materials that are used for the energy transition.

Altrove creates AI models with laboratory automation to speed up the process of creating new materials. The company has notably developed a patented characterisation tech allowing iterative learning from each trial.

There is a high demand and low supply of REEs (rare earth elements) in Europe and demand is expected to jump even higher in 2030. Furthermore, China possesses more than 90% of RREs making Western countries dependent on them. In addition, China has even banned the RRE processing technology exportation marking their monopoly on the global market. 

Thus, Altrove aims to solve this problem by developing inorganic materials which are sustainable and domestic. Therefore, this alternative helps Europe and its ever-growing demand for REEs. 

Altrove and Its Recent Breakthrough in Funding 

The startup was co-founded by Dr Joonatan Laulainen and Thibaud Martin in 2024 and the company is based in Paris, France with around 10 employees and 4 associated members. 

The AI startup has also recently raised €3.7 million in a pre-seed funding round. The funding round was led by various investors such as Contrarian Ventures, Thomas Clozel, Emblem, Julien Chaumond and Nikolaj Deichmann.

The success in the funding round is expected to improve the rate of development of Altrove’s technology. The company will now focus on alternatives for rare-earth compounds found in high-performance electronics, transition techs and electric vehicles. 


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