noplace: The New Social Media App Taking the App Store By Strom

noplace: The New Social Media App Taking the App Store By Strom

noplace is an up-and-coming social media app that is storming the App Store. Users are currently describing the app as being akin to MySpace as it puts more emphasis on community or the ‘social’ aspect of ‘social media’.

The app is catered towards a younger crowd as its design strikes a chord with GenZ users due to its fun and colourful design. Users have plenty of options for customisation as they can personalise their profile pages by choosing colours of the text, backgrounds, outlines, and so on. 

noplace: More Features

The social media app currently supports only text posts as it does not have the option to share photos and videos. As mentioned, it is a ‘social’ app; users can connect with friends and add new friends. The app enables users to share just about everything; from users’ current relationship status which can be added in the ‘about me’ section to what they ate for lunch which can be found in the ‘currently’ section. Users can find other people with similar interests and form connections, thus driving the social aspect of the app. 

The new app has two feeds including a personal feed with the users’ friends and a global feed with posts from users all over the world. 

noplace does not have an algorithm which sets it apart from most social media apps. As an alternative, it utilises AI tech to curate the users’ feeds with suggestions. 

In addition, the app does not have tags. Instead, it uses a star system where users can put more than three stars. There also seems to be a lack of privacy features as the app does not even allow users to create private profiles. 

noplace was previously an invite-only app but it has recently lifted this system and is now available for download in the App Store on iOS.


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