Apple Set To Unveil New Updates For Ios 18 At WWDC’24

iOS 18

 iOS 18: Apple earlier announced its worldwide developers conference set to be held next week. The aftermath of the announcement has been followed by several rumors and news talking about new development and features for Apple’s devices.

iOS 18

One of the expectations is that at WWDC, the tech giant would showcase how it plans to integrate AI features into its devices and software including a partnership with Open AI.

The iOS 18 is not left out as rumours have it that AI would be integrated into all its apps.

One of the integrations includes the Siri AI-enabled feature. The plan is to have AI that carries out multiple tasks, including tasks like installing or deleting apps.

Apple's iOS 18 for image

Some of its features according to them will be fully available next year. Everyone is however expectant to watch the unveiling of these features. Apple Photos look provides more amazing features as users could be able to retouch photos with AIM.

iOS 18 Metas Anti scam union news

A clean-up feature that would help remove objects from photos. This feature presents an easy way to edit photos and even generate clear photos.

Apple's iOS 18 update

More features include

  • Transcription: users can put in audio and AI translates to note. This would be of great help to writers and professionals

  • Audio recording and notes with mathematical equations would also be integrated
  • AI recaps of missed notes and notifications

  • The big tech guys are all expectant for the outcome of the WWDC 24 conference.
iOS 18 Photos Design

As reported have shown it comes with lots of promising news and developments.

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