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Great News for Apple Device Users: Now Directly Transfer iCloud Photos to Google

Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, and other iOS devices are one of a kind. Most of the Apple devices allow only...

Apple Device Users: Now Directly Transfer iCloud Photos to Google

Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, and other iOS devices are one of a kind. Most of the Apple devices allow only specific applications to cooperate with iOS and iPad OS. Generally, such applications are brewed at Apple. However, users need to access other applications with due permission from iOS. Interestingly, Google wasn’t any exception.

Well, Apple device users had to previously download iCloud Photos albums, and then they had to transfer them to Google Photos. The latest innovation has relieved the users from such a hectic job. Now, the users are liable to transfer the photo collection directly to Google Photos, without opting for a manual download. And, the interesting fact is that the transfer would take place automatically.

Transferring from iCloud Photos to Other Services: Innovative Interface

Apple has confirmed that selected services have joined this venture, and Google is one of them. Countless Apple users can save their time and effort by automatically transferring a copy of iCloud Photos to any allowed service.

Apart from photos, users are also liable to transfer the pieces of videos saved on their iCloud account to Google Photos. Currently, the service is available in Canada, Iceland, European Union, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States, Norway, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein. And, the Apple Service Center near me confirms the fact.

All you can do is to request transferring a copy of your iCloud photos to Google Photos. Bear in mind that the entire process would just store a copy of your original iCloud photo collection to Google Photos. It never removes it from the iCloud Photo collection, states the expert of the Apple Service Center near me.

However, the transfer might not occur overnight. Apple services need to verify the authentication of the process, that’s why it can take 3 to 7 days. On an interesting note, specific photo formats and features such as Live Photos, Smart Album, and RAW might be no longer available on Google Photos. However, you can switch between your two most convenient cloud storage facilities with this service.

How to Initiate the Transfer Process?

Well, switching takes a couple of steps, and they are quite easy. But, the overall process might take almost a week to complete and use.

Here’s how you can access the transfer of photos from iCloud to Google:

  1. Explore a web browser on your mobile or computer device. It can be Google Chrome, Safari, or any trusted browser. Fill in the address bar with privacy.apple.com. Enter the address and log in with your Apple ID and other credentials.
  2. Accept the Apple ID & Privacy statement with the Continue option. Locate the option ‘Transfer a copy of your data. Now, opt for ‘Request to transfer a copy of your data’ and click the link.
  3. The next page shows the details of your iCloud Photo collection. There you can notice a drop-down menu to select the destination. Choose ‘Google Photos’ from the menu, go with ‘Continue’.
  4. Make sure that your Google account has enough storage to occupy the photos and videos from the iCloud Photo collection. Otherwise, you have to go for another Google account. Select your Google account and allow the Apple Data and Privacy permission.
  5. Again, opt for “Allow” for confirmation. Finally, you can notice a confirmation statement from Apple. It states that the transfer might require three to seven days. And, whenever a transfer completes the service would let you know. Finalize the service with the ‘Confirm Transfers’ option.

Things to Remember for the Transfer from iCloud to Google Photos

Before you request the transfer of iCloud photos to any other service or Google Photos, you have to keep something in your mind. You can’t carry out the process if you haven’t used iCloud services to save or back up your photos, videos, and other files. Don’t forget that you need to pay attention to the following factors, too:

  • Your Apple ID should support two-factor authentication.
  • Ensure that you acquire a verified Google account.
  • On the other hand, the Google account should have enough space for holding the copy of your iCloud photos.

In addition to this, you need to keep extra space ready on your Google cloud storage. In case you add any photo or video on your iCloud account, before the transfer starts, then all the saved files would start copying to Google Photos. If the space on your Google account runs out before the copying process completes, then the assignment remains incomplete. You can’t find all your iCloud Photos in Google Photos.

However, if you make any changes to the iCloud Photo album, then it is not counted in the transfer process. For example, if you delete, add, or update the files and the files are still uploading to Google Photos, then there are no chances that these changes would be included in the transfer process.

Details regarding the iCloud to Google Transfer Procedure

Usually, users can easily fetch the copied items on Google Photos and in their original formats. However, some files can’t be transferred due to some format issues. Moreover, only iCloud photos can be transferred to Google Photos. The formats are .jpg, .webp, .png, .gif, .mpg, .mmv, .divx, .mov, .m4v, .mts, .mkv, .3gp, .3g2, .mp4, .tod,.mod, .m2t, .m2ts, .avi, and selected RAW files.

What about the edited photos stored on iCloud accounts? The photos will be transferred to Google Photos with the most recent edit configuration. Additionally, only a single photo will reside in Google Photos and it would discard all the duplicate photos. If available, the albums would transfer to Google Photos. However, this doesn’t apply to videos. The videos would be transferred without album specification.

On the other hand, Google Photos would save the copies with the filename ‘Copy of’. However, selected contents available on iCloud Photos might go missing after you transfer it to Google Photos. They are:

  • Shared albums
  • Photo Stream content
  • Smart albums
  • Metadata
  • Live photos
  • Files stored in other location and folders

Additionally, there are some limits on the number of files that you can transfer from iCloud Photos to Google one. Apart from the storage available on Google Photos, you can share up to 20000 photos of each album. In case you try uploading more than 20000 per album, then it might interrupt the transfer. The photos would stay in Google Photos, but they wouldn’t reside in the same album.

Is there any Glitch?

While transferring photos from iCloud to Google, users might find the photos copied in a different format. However, it can be available in this format for a very short time. Apple has confirmed that the entire transfer process might take time and the pictures would take their shape and format back in a while. The completion might take a long time as Apple is very much strict about the data transfer and its accuracy. You can head towards Apple’s privacy policy to explore more about the transfer of photos and videos from iCloud to Google Photos.


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