BoldHue: A Startup Mixing Makeup With Technology

BoldHue: A Startup Mixing Makeup With Technology

BoldHue is an upcoming startup that mixes the world of makeup with technology. The startup is expected to ship out its first round of units in the next few months. 

BoldHue’s technology examines a person’s face to provide a customised foundation to match the person’s skin tone. Then after analysing a person’s face, the device develops the perfect custom shade by mixing five different pigments such as black, red, yellow, white and blue. 

Additionally, customers who purchase the product will receive a starter kit which includes a month’s worth of personalised foundation, full sets of pigments with base and extra accessories. 

The makeup device also lets users know when they are about to finish colours or bases. Users will be able to order an auto-shipment to fit their requirements. BoldHue is expected to provide users with at least 6 weeks of foundation usage. 

The makeup device will retail for $295 and will be available in the US markets as early as mid to late 2024.

BoldHue and its background  

The beauty startup recently raised $3.37 million in a seed funding round from investors such as Lucas Venture Group, Backstage Capital, Tacoma Ventures and Capital Eleven.

The startup is based in Aurora, Colorado, United States and was founded in 2019. The company was started by co-founders, Karin Layton and Rachel Wilson.

The beauty tech company is planning to bring a virtual experience in the future. It will be an in-app trial with even more options for customisation. 


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