Google Pixel 9 Series to Include AI features

Google Pixel 9 Series to Include Include AI features

Google Pixel 9 series is slated to be released on 13 August 2024 at the ‘Made by Google’ Event AI features will be included in the upcoming smartphone launch. 

Google is expected to release more than two smartphones from the Pixel 9 series. Besides the standard variants, the company will likely introduce the Pixel Pro Fold which is a foldable style smartphone. The Pixel Pro XL, a smartphone in the Pixel 9 series with a considerably large size will also be launched at the event. It has also been rumoured that a new oink colour variant of the Pixel 9 will be available in the coming month. 

Google Pixel 9 and AI Features 

Google’s flagship phones will include Google AI features. The most notable AI feature to come is Gemini AI, which is Google’s own AI assistant. The AI chatbot provides users with assistance in crafting messages, summarising texts, generating images and more. Circle to Search is another feature that will be included in the Pixel 9 Series. This feature allows users to search without switching apps. Instead, users can simply hold the navigation bar or the home button. 

Gemini AI and Circle to Search are features that are already available on some select devices, but there are also new AI features to come with the Pixel 9 series. 

The Add Me feature will allow users to change expressions of people and even merge pictures with different people. This feature is a step up from the Best Take feature.

Another new feature is the Studio feature which is expected to be an image generator, but there are no details about this new feature. Lastly, Pixel Screenshots is an AI feature that allows users to store information that users have screenshotted. 


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