ChatGPT New Update Offers Access to all the Tools and Features of GPT-4

OpenAI is set to introduce an innovative way to utilize the multimodal capabilities of GPT-4. This ChatGPT new update allows users access to all available tools seamlessly, along with enhanced document analysis capabilities.

Screenshots posted by numerous ChatGPT Plus subscribers on the X platform have revealed exciting new features for PDF and document analysis, as well as an “All Tools” function.

The “All Tools” feature allows users to harness the full range of GPT-4 features without switching between them. This development is celebrated as a significant advancement. It is pushing the boundaries of generative AI capabilities by extending beyond traditional text-based queries.

However, users can now upload an image and instruct DALLE 3 to generate a response, introducing a new dimension to their workflow.

ChatGPT new update

ChatGPT new update – All you need to know

With the growing number of users gaining access to the new multimodal capabilities, we’re seeing more instances of how all the tools offered by GPT4 -4 can be effectively combined.

Moreover, the All Tools feature of GPT-4 update does not encompass ChatGPT plugins. This strategic decision is aimed to enhance the user experience and reduce the prominence of third-party add-ons. The newfound capability to directly analyze PDFs and various files within the system eliminates the necessity for third-party ChatGPT plugins. This has been bridging these gaps until now.

By consolidating such functionalities in the ChatGPT new update, OpenAI has heeded user feedback and created a more robust tool with external add-ons.

Furthermore, in addition to gaining access to GPT-4’s All Tools, some users have observed a more recent knowledge cutoff date.

This update arrives just before OpenAI’s upcoming DevDay conference, where the company is anticipated to unveil and discuss new tools.


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