Disney+ and Hulu Integration: A Unified Streaming Experience!

On Wednesday, Walt Disney introduced a beta version of Disney+ streaming featuring Hulu content. This means Disney+ and Hulu integration started. Subscribers to the bundled services can enjoy Hulu shows like Pam & Tommy and Only Murders in the Building with just a click within Disney+. The app already showcases Disney brands like Star Wars, Pixar, and National Geographic.

The entertainment giant plans a broader launch of the integrated service in March, aiming to simplify access to programming for fans and enhance user retention. Subscribers still have the option to use Disney+ and Hulu separately. The bundle comes in two flavors: $10 monthly with ads and $20 without.

Why are they labeling it as the “beta” phase? When can we expect the official launch?

What Bundle subscribers are getting today is a limited beta version. The official launch is scheduled for March 2024. Earley says it’s a significant step for Direct-to-Consumer. However, he emphasizes the importance of managing expectations about the experience.

Before the official spring launch, the beta version aims to help Disney understand consumer needs and preferences regarding Hulu on Disney+. It also allows parents to set up controls to ensure everyone in their household is watching age-appropriate content.

Disney+ and Hulu

Will Hulu’s more adult-oriented series and films clash with the family-friendly vibe of Disney+? 

According to Earley, not at all. He pointed out that the company has already found international success, where Disney’s classics and general entertainment coexist in a single app.

He emphasized that ensuring Disney+ remains a safe family space is a top priority. The two-step launch approach allows Bundle subscribers with a Disney+ subscription to dive into Hulu content, giving Disney+ users time to tweak parental controls and set up family profiles if needed.

Earley says this will be an exciting new experience for our subscribers for a few reasons. Even before Disney+ launched, research clarified that consumers crave ‘kid time,’ ‘we time,’ and ‘me time.’ They want fantastic content for their kids, family-friendly shows, and the option to enjoy more adult-oriented content after putting the kids to bed.


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