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How To Set Hulu Parental Controls and Its Limitations?

The possibility of setting up Hulu Parental Controls is quite helpful in restricting your children from watching adolescent to adult content. Consequently,...

The possibility of setting up Hulu Parental Controls is quite helpful in restricting your children from watching adolescent to adult content. Consequently, you can create an account for your kids to keep them away from such content. By creating an account for kids having parental controls, you can limit them. The following article will help you in such scenarios. Let us all have a look at the steps you need to follow:

In What Manner Hulu Parental Controls Work?

Hulu authorizes you to manufacture an autonomous profile for every single person who contemplates your account. while creating the profile, you will have the option of creating whether a normal account or a kids account. The kid’s account allows access only to brood-friendly shows and movies. Shows having an R rating will not be shown on the kid’s accounts and profiles.

Showing Profile for Kids on Hulu to set up Hulu parental lock

How To Setup Hulu Profile For Kids On The Web?

To restrict your kids from fully-fledged content follow the steps as follows:

  1. Go to your browser and search Hulu.com on the search tab of the browser you are using. Click on Log In.
Setting up Hulu Profile for Kids on web enabling parental lock on Hulu

2. Click on your name in the top right corner, afterwards tap on Manage Profiles.

Managing Profiles on Hulu with Parental lock

3. Tap on Add Profile.

Adding profile on Hulu with parental lock

4. Enter a name for the profile, then click on the toggle switch under Kids and position it to Open.

Switching ON the toggle switch on parental lock enabled Hulu

5. Tap on Create Profile.

Creating a Hulu profile

6. Subsequently, you can log in to Hulu, You can cross-examine who else is watching. Once you created a Kids profile, Hulu will not recommend erotic content, furthermore, the erotic content will not be searched as well.

Keeping an eye on who is streaming on the Hulu account with parental lock other than you.

Composing A Hulu Kids Profile on Mobile Phone

Creating a Hulu Kids profile on a phone is as easy as you like, Hulu Mobile App is available on android and iOS devices. The following steps need to be followed:

  1. Download the app, and open it, and then click on Account.
Showing Account section on Hulu with Parental lock

2. Click on your name.

Showing what is inside the Accounts section

3. Select the New Profile option shown on the screen.

Showing the New Profile option on Hulu

4. Go in for a name for the profile, then click the toggle switch by the side of Kids and set it to the On position.

Creating New profile enabling parental lock on Hulu

5. Select Create Profile after filling the required fields.

Highlighting the Create profile option with parental lock on Hulu

Steps To Update A Hulu Kids Profile

You can overhaul content restrictions on a profile at any hour. You just need to do is follow the steps below:

  1. Consort for your Hulu account management page and click on the pencil icon placed right next to the profile.
Managing your account on Hulu

2. Tap on the toggle switch below Kids and position it to OFF.

Turning ON Kids friendly programming feature

3. Go in for date of birth, then click on Save Changes.

highlighting Save changes option

Clampdowns Of Hulu Parental Lock

The parental controls for Hulu are not as effective as for Netflix. Regrettably, it is not viable to bar distinct shows or movies, so your kids will still be adroit to see TV-13 and TV-14 content. Furthermore, if you have initiated parental controls for your content flooding device, then you can restrict your kids from accessing Hulu entirely or completely.

Having said that, there is nothing you can do to password-protect Hulu profiles, which results that the kids can watch the erotic content with ease just by switching to your account. Nevertheless, you can inspect what is being recently viewed on your profile, if you find something suspicious, you can ask your kids about it. Subsequently, you are unable to restrict access to erotic content across all profiles.


Concluding the above article, I hope that the steps mentioned in the article will help you in enabling parental lock on Hulu. Additionally, if you still face any issues in utilizing the parental lock on Hulu, you can share your valuable feedback in the comments section below and we will try to help you out with the same.


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