Fediverse: Social Networking Service Now Made Compatible with Meta

Fediverse: Social Networking Service Now Made Compatible with Meta

Fediverse is a global social networking service that enables communication across various platforms.

The service allows people to join public conversations across various platforms. For instance, a Tumblr user will see a post from Threads without switching to that app. A user’s profile and comments will also be available to the public. It should be noted that such crossovers are only possible if the sites are under the same protocol and in this case, the websites must be under ActivityPub.

There are currently 6,448,939 users across the world. The most notable platforms under the social network collective are WordPress, Mastodon and recently, Threads. 

Fediverse and Meta’s Threads

Meta is now partnered with the social network service thanks to Threads’ integration into the social network collective. 

Meta has stated on its official site that Threads will enter the Fediverse to allow content to flow across different servers.

Users with a public Threads account can allow cross-platform sharing access by simply turning on the sharing to Fediverse option, where other Fediverse users can view, follow and interact with them.

This move by Meta aims to increase content visibility and accessibility. Thus, interconnection among various platforms is the main premise of the Fediverse.


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