Vision Pro Launched in China, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore

Vision Pro Launched in China, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore

Vision Pro launched in China, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. This is the first time Apple has made the virtual reality (VR) headset available in countries apart from the United States.

The tech giant is also expecting to release the Vision Pro to more countries, including France, Australia, Canada, Germany and the UK, starting July 12. 

Apple’s move to release the Vision Pro may be due to its decline in sales in the US and its desire to expand its customer base beyond the US. 

The Vision Pro retails for $3,499 in the United States while in countries like Japan and China, the price for the headset has increased significantly. In Japan, the Vision Pro retails for $3,700 while the headset retails for $4,128 in China, an 18% increase from US prices. 

Apple has further stated that customers can visit the Apple Store online for a personal demo of the Apple Vision Pro. 

Vision Pro Launched: Features of the headset

Apple Vision Pro is a virtual reality headset which allows users to take spatial photos and videos in 3D. Users can also replay them back the footage with immersive spatial audio. Users can also use existing 2D photos and turn them into spatial photos.

Additionally, users can also FaceTime using the headset as well as use SharePlay to interact, watch and listen with other people. 

visionOS powers Apple’s Vision Pro and the updated version, visionOS 2 is expected to come later this year. 


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