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The pandemic sparked a significant trend: flexible work. But what “flexible” means varies for everyone. To a worker, it might mean working...

The pandemic sparked a significant trend: flexible work. But what “flexible” means varies for everyone. To a worker, it might mean working from anywhere, anytime. For an employer, it could be one day a week from home—except during crucial meetings. This difference creates tension and challenges for job seekers.

Enter Flexa. It’s a global directory of verified flexible companies. It connects job seekers with employers whose flexible work approach meets their expectations.


Flexa is a solution for flexible jobs.

Flexa’s origin story is rooted in cofounder Molly Johnson-Jones’ own frustrating encounter with a broken job-hunting process. Her inspiration came from a personal experience when she, facing a chronic auto-immune disease since age 18, requested to work from home one day a week to manage her condition better.

In response to this reasonable request, she found herself terminated from her job within a few days. This shocking experience fueled Molly’s determination to create Flexa, a platform addressing the flaws in the job-seeking system. Flexa ensures that no one else faces such challenges when seeking flexible work arrangements.

How it works?

After facing unfair dismissal, Molly Johnson-Jones, Maurice O’Brien, and Tim Leppard saw an opportunity to empower employees by creating Flexa. With personal experiences of the benefits of flexible working, they launched a platform to enhance both business’s and employees’ success in today’s competitive job market.

Flexa stands out with its accreditation process, offering job seekers validated insights into working conditions before applying. The platform’s transparency results from a strict assessment that businesses undergo for inclusion, evaluating factors like location, hours, and global hiring capacity.

Molly Johnson-Jones emphasizes Flexa’s uniqueness: “We are t” the only source of truth regarding what it’s actuit’s like to work at a business before you apply for a role.” This is “France comes from the rigorous assessment process, ensuring businesses on the directory genuinely provide excellent flexible working conditions.

With over 150 accredited companies, 450,000-plus users, and a recent £2.3 million investment for global expansion, Flexa is making significant strides. The platform aims to be the go-to for any job seeker looking for truly flexible work, with international expansion in the pipeline. The future looks promising for Flexa, poised to help even more people find flexible working environments.


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