Google’s Chief Privacy Officer Set To Resign After Data Privacy Leak

Google Privecy Leak

Google’s chief privacy officer Keith Enright, has announced he would be leaving the company after 13 years of being there

This was confirmed when he posted a notice posting on his LinkedIn page.

This decision by Enright made many shocked following the response by response by Google as they plan not to replace him.

According to Knight “After over 13 years at Google, I am ready for a change and will be moving on this fall, taking all that I’ve learned and trying something new.

He further expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to impact lives, his teammates, and various individuals who contributed to the success of the company over the past few years.

Enright also noted that though it’s in the early stages “the Google privacy team has tried to inform a foundation for responsible responsible AI governance” among many other accomplishments and accolades during his tenure.

Google however confirmed Enright’s statement in a post by Reuters

This was however related to the data leak reported earlier this week.

On Monday, a Google data leak was reported on 404 media after six years worth of privacy.

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