Google Rolls Out New “Listen to this page” Feature for Chrome Android Users

Google Rolls Out New "Listen to this page" Feature for Chrome Android Users

Google presents the “Listen to this page” feature which will be available on Chrome on Android devices only. 9TO5 states that this text-to-speech (TTS) feature is now available on most text-heavy web pages.

This feature can be accessed from the three-dot menu on the Google Chrome Android App. Users have to tap on the “Listen to this page” option found right below “Translate”. A mini-player will appear with features such as play, pause, rewind, 10-second rewind and fast forward, adjustable playback speed and highlight auto-text and scroll. The playback continues even after opening other web pages or locking of device, and will only stop after when users exit the Chrome app. The TTS feature will resume from where it was left after relaunching the mini-player.

There are currently 4 voice options to choose from :

  1. Ruby : Mid-pitch, Warm
  2. River : Mid-pitch, Calm
  3. Field : Low-pitch, Bright
  4. Moss : Low-pitch, Peaceful

Besides English, this feature will also be available in languages such as Hindi, Bengali, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

It should be noted that Listen to this page is not available yet on every website. To check for availability, users can update their Chrome App and check for the Listen to this page option on Chrome’s menu bar.


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