Google is Developing an AI Authoring Tool for ChromeOS, Claims the report

Google is Developing an AI Authoring Tool for ChromeOS, Claims the report

Manta will probably send users’ initial text and prompt to Google’s servers, which will then send back the AI-enhanced version, according to the report.

Google appears to be developing a Chromebook writing and editing tool using artificial intelligence (AI)  The software giant is actively working on a project with at least five codenames, the major three of which are “Orca,” “Mako,” and “Manta,” according to 9To5Google.

Orca will appear in the right-click menu while editing a body of text in ChromeOS. The Mako UI will display in a “bubble” over the screen if users select Orca.

The code specifies three primary duties for Mako

In the beginning, it will have the option to “request rewrites” of a certain text, most likely one that an AI has already revised.

The paper stated: “Second, it can provide a list of ‘preset text questions,’ which we presume, in the context of generative AI, to be sample prompts for how to ask for a particular style.

Last but not least, Mako has the ability to “insert” the updated content into the original text, just where users left it off.

On the other side, the article stated that Manta will probably send users’ original content. And prompt to Google’s servers, which will then return the AI-enhanced version.

According to reports, the tech giant is preparing to release a new Android feature. That will enable users to connect their multiple Android devices together, much like Apple’s Continuity feature.

Features like “Call Switching,” enables users to switch between connected devices while on a call. And “Internet Sharing,” which enables users to rapidly create a personal hotspot among the connected devices, may be enabled.


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