Instagram Threads Launch brings Mark Zuckerberg again into News

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, is currently experiencing a surge of positive publicity due to his recent actions against a rival company. The introduction of Instagram Threads, Meta’s Twitter imitation application, is becoming popular among Instagram users. It is becoming weary of the ongoing controversies surrounding Twitter since its acquisition by Elon Musk or who simply disapproves of the alterations Musk has implemented.

Why Instagram Threads is the talk of the world?

Twitter users and advertisers have expressed frustration for several months as the platform has become increasingly disorderly and inundated with spam. This deterioration is largely attributed to the relaxation of content moderation rules, which reinstated previously banned accounts, including those associated with white supremacists and neo-Nazis.

The frequent changes made to the Twitter platform, such as the introduction of fees for verification and temporary restrictions on tweet reading, have created an opportunity for Meta and other companies to offer alternative options. On Instagram Threads, Mark Zuckerberg emphasized the focus on kindness and creating a welcoming environment.

Instagram Threads

However, it is important to note that the excitement surrounding Threads will eventually fade, and Meta will likely encounter similar challenges related to content moderation as it has faced. 

Some conservatives have criticized the app for cautioning users about following accounts that spread false information. Moreover, critics have pointed out that individuals disgruntled with Elon Musk may now entrust their data to Zuckerberg instead.

Sex workers, in particular, have been vocal about feeling marginalized by Meta more than by Twitter. At its launch, Threads had several limitations, including the absence of availability in Europe, the lack of a desktop or web version, no support for hashtags, and the inability to view a feed exclusively from followed users.

Impact of Threads Launch on Meta Shares

2023 has brought significant success to Meta’s business and has proven to be a remarkable year for its reputation. Despite ongoing investigations, the negative impact of Meta’s unfavorable media coverage in 2021 overshadows by the tumultuous ownership of Twitter under Elon Musk.

In 2022, Meta faced significant challenges, including a decline in stock value by approximately 70%. Factors contributing to this decline included a sluggish advertising market and heightened competition from TikTok. However, Meta has demonstrated a remarkable stock value recovery, outperforming many publicly traded companies like Snap, Etsy, and Pinterest.


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