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How to Utilize Hashtags For Marketing a Business on Instagram?

Hashtags are a great way to improve your Instagram reach. So, you must know what best practices to get you better results...

How to utilize hashtags for marketing a business on Instagram?

Hashtags are a great way to improve your Instagram reach. So, you must know what best practices to get you better results with them. We have some top methods that can help you with your marketing and enhanced reach.

No Spamming

One thing that hashtags should not serve is spamming. If you use hashtags that have nothing to do with your niche, you are doing spamming. The experts say that you should know what you wish the results to be. Hashtags serve the reach you need to get results by improving the relevance. You can use up to 30 on Instagram, and you can use them in the comments. At the same time, you should remain relevant and work according to your plan.

Another thing you must know is to post something of some value to people.

When to Have a Unique Hashtag

If you are looking to do any of the following, you should try having unique ones:

  1. Try unique ones if you are looking to start and set the trend. When you have your unique hashtag, you are a leader on the platform, so build your way to that before creating one.
  2. Such a strategy can also help you get more conversions through your Instagram. If you already have Instagram followers, you can have results with that. Even you can buy Instagram followers and likes at affordable rates.
  3. It would also help you know about the contest winner of the contest you ran.

If you wish any of the above to happen, you can try using these unique ones. These strategies are tested for efficacy so they can help you gain results.

The Strategies to Create Unique ones

Millions of companies are running social media accounts for businesses. So, if you are looking to run one, you can try unique hashtags.

If you are running something unique and wish people to know about it, you must create one. So, before you launch the campaign, you should try creating one. But before you create one, make sure it is completely unique. If it is not unique, make it something that you would like to be with yours.

The use of such a strategy would be effective in posts that mention the brand. You should try using it with more thrift if it is more general. What general means is if it is a location you are mentioning or a company or a product name.

The Process of Creation

The process needs to be short, and you can try it to start with brainstorming. So, make it easy to memorize and short, and do not forget that it should represent your brand.

The second step would be to test its uniqueness and start the promotion. To promote it, you should write around it and use it for your physical marketing as well. So, you can include these hashtags in your materials to make people search for them. When you have created one, you should analyze what people usually associate with your hashtags. At the same time, you should know if it makes sense according to your goals. Moreover, you should try interacting with these people to better understand what they are expecting from you. And when you know all that, try to improve according to the metrics.

Try creating a unique, memorable hashtag that is value-oriented and tells a story about your brand. It should intrigue people to use it, and it will go viral if it adds value.

How to Look for Existing ones?

There are some methods that would help you with the existing hashtags. So, you can try adding the existing ones when they have low competition. You should know which ones your competitors are using and figure out a way to beat them on that.

Knowing the people you wish to reach would be a great way to discover new ones. So, you can find that out and know what kind of hashtags they are most interested in. This analysis would help you tailor your strategy to the best practices.

How to find the Best Ones?

There are a number of tips that you can use for proper results for your hashtags. You can try using some from the “view insights” button. You can view insights and work accordingly.

These hashtags are used on many different types of content that you post on Instagram. You can use them in your stories. At the same time, you can try having an understanding of how hashtag pages work. When you have the most recent post with a hashtag you used for your post, it will appear in the recent section. This makes them a great way to get your posts more reach.

If you are looking for some hashtag tools to find the most trending ones, you can try Tagstagram, RiteTag, and even Instagram itself to get the best ones.

If you already have a bunch of hashtags that work well for your marketing, you can try using some other related ones. For this purpose, you can try using the ones that appear above the “recent” tab. You can find them in the explore section with ease.

How Many Would be Best?

You can try using 30 hash marks on a routine post. On the other hand, you can try using 10 hash signs for stories. You cannot use more than this number; your posts and comments will not be posted. So, try to use the maximum according to these numbers.

Final Thoughts

Hashtags are a great way to get more reach and make people know what your business is all about. The practices of not doing spam, using relevant ones, using unique ones, and trending ones differ. You can try using the best ones that suit. One thing you should know when bringing them in would be to know what suits your brand and campaign according to the time. Moreover, you should know if they are unique in reality and what people would know about your brand when you use them. Or else, it would be a failure or even a laughing stock.


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