Logitech MX Ink Stylus for Meta Quest 2 and Quest 3

Logitech MX Ink Stylus for Meta Quest 2 and Quest 3

Logitech MX Ink Stylus is the company’s first-ever mixed reality (MR) device. The MR stylus is meant for Meta Quest 2 and 3 respectively. 

The MR stylus has both a pressure-sensitive tip and a pressure button. The tips are also replaceable with a low latency compatible with controllers from Meta Quest. 

The MX Ink stylus lasts a good amount of time. It is estimated to last up to 7 hours. The stylus uses the USB-C port but users are to purchase the cable separately since the cable does not come included. 

Applications compatible with Logitech’s MR stylus include OpenBrush, Gravity Sketch, engage, Shapes, Arkio and more. 

Logitech states on its official website that the stylus is fast and fluid to bring users’ ideas to life as they imagine it. The company also ensures that it meets the quality standards of Meta Quest.

Logitech MX Ink Stylus and Who They’re for

MR styluses can be useful for working in 3D modelling software as it can be easier to visualise through VR headsets. These pens help product designers and digital artists in a whole new visual process. 

Wacom, the leading artist tablet company has also released its own VR stylus which promises to create a “natural creating experience” in the VR environment. 


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