Meta Quest 3 is better than Apple’s Vision Pro says Ceo Mark Zuckerberg

Meta Quest 3

In the latest video shared on Instagram, Mark Zuckerberg was found sharing his thoughts on the latest Apple Vision Pro and why he felt that Meta Quest 3 was still a better VR headset. Let’s take a deep dive into what he had to say.

On Wednesday Mark Zuckerberg uploaded a video of him sharing his views on the recently launched Apple Vision Pro and compared it with Meta’s Quest 3. Mark emphasized some of the key features of both products. Although his opinions were strictly biased towards Meta’s Quest 3, calling it a better product.

Mark is seen in the video speaking about his opinions on the latest VR industrial competition. One must note that the video is recorded using a Meta Quest 3. Mark asks his employee who happens to be wearing the Quest 3 to show around. By doing so Mark was not only trying to advertise the camera recording features of Quest 3 but also proving his point on how Quest was a more versatile and a better option to buy.

Some of the key points made by the CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg were as follows :

  • Weighs Less
  • No Wires
  • Field of View
  • Motion Blur
  • Precision Control
  • Meta is the first creator of the VR computing
  • Price

Mark Zuckerberg on Meta Quest 3 Being Better Than Apple Vision Pro

Meta Quest 3


Quest 3 when compared to Apple Vision Pro weighs less and hence is more comfortable to wear, especially for long hours. The Vision Pro seems to have a nerdy design with a cable attached to the device which connects to a battery powering it. Quest 3 on the other side is a lot more comfortable again with wear and with movements since no cables on the way. While many might have found the hand gestures quite appealing on the Apple Vision Pro, Mark emphasizes how Quest 3 already has hand tracking programmed in it.

Field of View

Many reviewers including MKBHD(Marques Brownlee) had talked about Meta Quest 3 having a wider field of view than Apple Vision Pro, and Mark reminded the viewers about it. Mark did commend Apple Vision Pro for its better resolution. According to Mark Apple Vision Pro has a better Resolution but to get to it it had to make a lot of sacrifices. Mark again pointed out how many complained about the motion blur problem with Apple Vision Pro, i.e. when you move your vision you tend to face some vision blur.

Precision Control

Precision control was another issue that Mark had his emphasis on. Mark emphasized how Quest 3 had better precise control in comparison with Apple Vision Pro. The controllers that Quest 3 provides with itself not only good for gaming but are precise for all sorts of usage. Mark also spoke on how Quest 3 has hand tracking built-in and one can make functions using hand gestures.


Price is another factor that Mark spoke about. He reasoned his argument on how Apple Vision Pro was $3000 more than the price of Meta Quest 3. Even from the point of view of a rational buyer, it would sound absurd for one to go Apple if the above comparisons are accurate.

The first at building one

According to Mark, He believes that every piece of hardware in the world has had a starting. He pointed out how Microsoft was the first in the PC software and was the hype and that in the competition of the VR computing experience Meta has been the first. But was he right though?


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